Acaraki Jamu

Any visit to the Old Town area will be whole after a refreshing cup of jamu, Indonesia’s herbal medicines, made from ages-old recipes using modern technologies and variations. Acaraki itself means the expert herbalist, and the mixers here sure understand each drink’s ingredients and benefits—such as the turmeric and tamarind in soda concoction that’s both refreshing and is anti-inflammatory, among other properties. Without soda, different potions are made lighter using the V60 filter, medium-bodied using the French press, and stronger with ROK espresso maker.  

Buyu Bowls

Enjoy the upscale version of a street-side stall at Buyu Bowls and its container-turned-kitchen at the Senopati area—complete with al fresco seating on picnic benches in a small garden. Tasty Manadonese food packed in two sizes of bowls is on the menu here with pork taking centre stage, in spicy, crispy, rolled, and sweet forms, alongside sautéed papaya flowers and dabu dabu chilli sauce. Dabu chicken served in this lively combo, and hearty beef red bean soup, is also available for the halal menu. 

BlueZone Center

Taking a healthier lifestyle into one convenient place, here you can find a bakery, an eatery, a kombucha bar, and a mini grocery store perfect vegan, vegetarian, and other dietary needs. Furthermore, each dish is generous in flavours and in size, starting from the Barnyard Burger that tends to sell out by dinner time, to the tangy Fiesta Verde Salad, and even the pandan croissant with gula Melaka.  Complete the meal with mimosa kombucha, for example, while taking in the green cosy and laid-back ambiance. 

The Swillhouse

Previously Hide&Seek Swillhouse, the party place has moved on from the steam-punk era to the Tron-like future while still retaining the awesome music selections. Chill with your buddies to cool hip-hop and R&B tunes and treat the taste buds with yummy chicken yakitori, escargot, sate lilit, and other tapas-style bites. More protein- and carbohydrate-based dishes are available to help ease the flow of liquors and spirits—its crusted salmon and cauliflower rice, and the pan-seared chicken breast with raisin-dotted rengginang are two of our favourites.    

Volare Resto

Exuding warm atmosphere from its red walls and checkered tiles to the generous portions for sharing, Volare in Cilandak Town Square serves both classic and modern menu for all. Start with some fresh greens and fine bresaola beef before moving on to the decadent Volare-style pizza with seafood and caviar. Other delicious menus include the house-special Maltagliati Shaking with its herby pesto or the classic gnocchi baked in tomato sauce—all to be paired up with choices of refreshing lemonades, bracing cocktails and warm coffee.    

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