1/5 Kabuto Black

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The self-styled “soul of Japan” has become a respected place when seeking out authentic Japanese food made with a focus on flavour rather than showing off visual techniques. The dishes are hearty and delicious with an excellent selection of ingredients to satisfy you. A perfect example is the Salmon Ranger, which is a set of eight pieces of salmon sushi with different toppings—so no one leaves disappointed.

2/5 Sake+

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Sake can be a highly under-rated ingredient or accompaniment when considering a dining or cocktail experience. However, at Sake+ in Plaza Senayan, you can enjoy a range of sake-based drinks and dishes that bring out the herbal nature of this Japanese spirit. Being housed in Plaza Senayan also allows for some choice retail indulgences before you sit down for a relaxing drink or two.

3/5 Cutt & Grill


The perfect place to relax and unwind while enjoy a perfectly prepared steak—who could want for more? Cutt & Grill is a top choice for anyone craving high-quality produce and expertly cooked dishes. The atmosphere is extremely laid back, which can be a blessing in the hustle and bustle of the busy Senopati area. Truly the place to be for all meat lovers across the city.

4/5 Kilo Kitchen


This Singapore-based relaxed dining experience arrived in the Senopati area just under a year ago. Since then, Kilo Kitchen has become a great place to dine out while feeling like you’re still at home. Once you’ve finished one of the
filling and healthy dishes from the menu, you can head down to the comfortable lounge area, conveniently located in the basement, for some great music and classic cocktails.

5/5 Social Garden


Offering an indoor garden concept, which can be welcome retreat from the city, Social Garden does just what the name suggests. Housed in Senayan City, this is the perfect place to meet with work associates and friends to relax after a busy day in the office. Relaxing vibes and natural decor make for a very chilled atmosphere that is often much needed after a week of exhausting work.

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