1/5 Ulana Gastronomia

1 ulana gastronomia.jpg

A mix of natural lighting, unique furniture choices, and outdoor seating options makes dropping into Ulana Gastronomia feel like being in someone’s well-cared-for home. The relaxed atmosphere is mimicked by the menu, with both light bites, favourites and new creations of Italian dishes that will leave you full and ready to enjoy one of the comfortable couches or chairs for a while longer.

Instagram: @ulanagastronomia

2/5 Mare Nostrum

2 mare.jpg

This new, modern Mediterranean gastronomy restaurant offers seriously beautiful, photogenic dishes and drinks that rival the stunning view of the city’s high-rises just outside. Housed in the Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta hotel, Mare Nostrum has some delightfully refreshing seafood bites and dishes cooked in a wide range of flavours, which offer something new to set them apart from similar eateries.

Instagram: @marenostrumjkt

3/5 Liberta

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With its modern, industrial interior, Liberta seems to welcome in the hustle and bustle of the capital’s business life while forcing it to take a seat and relax. Located right at the centre of the city, its light Italian-based menu is filled with delicious offerings, which make this place perfect for a business brunch, meeting, or for some much-needed drinks at the end of a busy day.

Instagram: @libertajkt

4/5 Padre

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The food scene in Bogor has be growing over the past year or so with amazing new openings across the city. The open area in Padre, with its brick walls and archways, add to the Mediterranean feel that has made this eatery one of the best places to enjoy a romantic meal for two. The menu is Italian with many dishes perfect for sharing with a bottle of wine.

Instagram: @padre.bogor

5/5 Medja Restaurant

5 medja.jpg

When dining in Bogor during a short escape from the city, you will be hard pressed to find a more popular dining experience than Medja Restaurant. Having made a name for itself as foodie hotspot for those people seeking their next social media photo, and the diners who are looking for good food, its mix of modern decor and natural green plants adorning the ceilings is a perfect way to see the current transition of Bogor’s dining experience.

Instagram: @medjarestaurant

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