1/5 Jack & John Kitchen

jack and john.pngPhoto courtesy of Jack & John Kitchen 

When looking for a tasty snack or meal to walk around with or get delivered directly to your door, check out Jack & John Kitchen. The little pots of rice and an assortment of juicy meats are a satisfying choice every time. Predominantly pork, all textures are taken care of— crunchy, juicy, and tender, leaving your mouth watering for more.

2/5 Gunpowder kitchen & bar

gunpowder.pngPhoto courtesy of Gunpowder kitchen & bar

Located in the busy Plaza Indonesia mall, GUNPOWDER Kitchen & Bar serves global cuisine with Indian influences by the Michelin-starred Chef Manjunath Mural. Each dish is an explosion of flavours, which comes as no surprise given the name of the place. The latest addition to the Ismaya Group’s collection of exceptional restaurants is set to become the latest hotspot for culinary aficionados across the city.

3/5 Nidcielo

nidcielo.pngPhoto courtesy of Nidcielo

This newly opened Spanish restaurant is making a name for itself on Jakarta’s culinary scene with its colourful décor and exciting food. Located in the ever-popular Senopati area, the mix of tapas dishes and larger main courses will have you spoiled for choice, and you can relax surrounded by a mix of soft lighting and an array of colours.

4/5 The Blues Restaurant & bar

The blues.pngPhoto courtesy of The Blues Restaurant & bar

Featuring Lombok’s idyllic and breathtaking views of the ocean and Gili Taranga island, The Blues Restaurant & Bar is perfect for those who want to indulge in both local and international cuisines at The Kayana Beach, Lombok. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the variations in seating arrangements are perfect for those in search of Instagrammable uniqueness. Flexible both for parties and private dining, the restaurant serves up the best experience in Lombok.

5/5 Agneya terrace

Agneya.pngPhoto courtesy of Agneya Terrace

Found on the ground floor of the ever-growing PIK Avenue Mall, Agneya Terrace is the latest dining experience to try. The menu combines traditional cooking techniques and Indonesian touches, which transforms rustic recipes into deliciously elegant memorable experiences. It is the perfect place for a meal of familiar flavours, but you will also be amazed at the presentation and enticing aromas that waft from the 5-metre-long live fire bed that is at the centre of Agneya’s kitchen.