All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner, so prepare yourself for a terrifying experience as many of our favourite haunts get packed with witches, monsters, ghouls, and all sorts of wicked night creatures. With that said, this is your chance to shine with that dusty Halloween costume sitting at the back of your wardrobe, your blood red lipstick on, and partying hard to the beats of the dead around Jakarta. Or, as Jack Nicholson’s Joker once said: “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

Lucy in The Sky

Being the definitive go-to spot for the young and old alike, Lucy in The Sky is bound to supply spook-tacular treats with this year’s “Dreamland”-themed Halloween party. Pennywise, anyone?

Date: Friday, October 26


Simultaneously celebrating its anniversary, Fable is going all-out for Halloween with Barong Family’s darling child, Chace The Sound. Do take a note of the dress code if you don’t want to miss this big hit.

Date: Saturday, October 27

Lola Jakarta

Celebrate this year’s Halloween Mexican style. “We will have ofrendas covered with marigold,” the official announcement stated. Good place, good drinks… What’s more to want?

Date: Saturday, November 3

Pao Pao

With distinctive vibes and good music, Pao Pao has never ceases to amaze its visitors—and we expect the same for Halloween. Join Pao Pao and its crew as they wake up the dead for a terrifying treat this month.

Date: Wednesday, October 31


If you’re up for horrifying sights with unbelievably intricate make-up work, Empirica will be your all-time favourite as it has long been the favourite spot for ghosts and witches alike. Just take a look at its event last year—now that’s what we call Halloween!

Date: Friday, October 26

The Pallas

Gather around, Game of Thrones geeks! As Pallas goes beyond all-out with a very special guest straight out of the coffin: the infamous cast of Hodor and a progressive house DJ, Kristian Nairn. Valar morghulis, folks!

Date: Saturday, October 27

Bauhaus 1933

In the mood for a haunted house Halloween party? Bauhaus has you covered! Come witness something wicked with Bauhaus’s “The Crooked Family!”

Date: Saturday, October 27

The Safehouse Jakarta

Get your costumes ready and celebrate your Halloween at The Safehouse as it presents your all-time favourite “face-melting guilty pleasure” with Videostarr (psst: there’s a reward for best costume).

Date: Saturday, October 27


All’s fair in love and war—and this time, it’s both. For a chaotic Halloween blast, head over to Dragonfly’s “Wicked Wedding” Halloween party. Grab your loved one and dance all night—till death do you part.

Date: Friday, October 26

Mother Monster

Savour Mother’s special cocktail reserved for one night only at the grand Halloween event, “MOTHER’S CULT”. Get in on time as it is giving out free cookies to the first 100 guests.

Date: Friday, October 26

Beer Garden

Perhaps the most creative one on our list, Beer Garden gathers all the monsters in town for its pun-tastic Halloween event, “BEERHANTU”. With a pun that glorious, is it really worth missing at all?

Date: Friday, October 26


Watch your step as you get inside one of the most fearful Halloween fests of the year, “FEAR FAIR” by Blowfish. Who knows who—or what—you’ll be dancing with on the night.

Date: Saturday, October 27

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry.jpeg

Photo: Courtesy of Dirty Laundry

Picture this: blood-curdling screams, good music, and divine drinks in an “Abandoned Asylum”-styled Halloween party: it can’t get any better! Get your inner demons out and move your body to the ecstatic beats of CYDA and Besixxs.

Date: Saturday, October 27


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