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A big city like Surabaya is filled with people struggling to keep up with the hustle and bustle. Many people need a good coffee to wake up or keep going, while some just need a nice coffee shop to escape the city. To help, here are nine coffee shops to that shouldn’t be missed in Surabaya.

Caturra Espresso

Surabaya is a beautiful city with enough nature to break up the busy city visage. At Caturra Espresso, you can enjoy a homely setting indoors and some comfortable seating outside. Order some great coffee and sit down surrounded by beautiful hanging trees and an occasional Surabaya breeze.

Volks Coffee

A strictly minimalistic approach is what awaits any visitor to Volks Coffee. All of the focus is on the brewing of good coffee and not impressing with gimmicks or fancy décor. While simple white walls and wooden chairs are used for the interior, they still add something refreshing to this coffee shop that has become quite popular in the city.

Libreria Eatery

Although a well-known brand when it comes to coffee shops, Libreria still maintains the personal touch and stays away from being too mainstream. The atmosphere is always relaxed with great music, while the coffee is of a very high quality. A great addition for the busy Surabaya resident is the bottled to-go coffee, which will get you ready for any kind of long day.

Historica Coffee & Pastry

A popular site for anyone looking to start their day with a delicious breakfast and coffee, Historica has become a fashionable destination for many coffee lovers across the city. As well as a great breakfast, the informal atmosphere has made it a cool place to hang out at any time of the day.

Cailano Specialty Coffee & Shaokao

East meets West in this sharply decorated coffee hangout. Comfortable leather booths and white pillowed seating give it a modern look, while the addition of the traditional Chinese street food skewers called shaokao is a welcome menu choice.

Palacio Coffee Bar

Not all coffee shops have to be homely and traditional. The décor at Palacio is more akin to an art gallery or modern museum. The grand architecture is lavish enough to make it a hotspot for moonlit weddings, but during the day visitors can feast their eyes on one of the most beautiful coffee options in Surabaya.

Kabinet Coffee Co

Very few coffee shops offer such time and care when it comes to crafting perfectly made coffee. Kabinet Coffee Co has some of the best-trained barista in the city who use a “coffee lab” to showcase Indonesia’s finest coffee beans.

Antler Cabin- Caffeine Curator

Nothing about Antler is delicate or soft. The visage is one of strength and masculinity while also remaining comfortable. Thick wooden tables are the perfect place to rest your strong coffee on as you get ready for a long day or get an injection of caffeine to get through the remains of a difficult day.

Blackbarn Coffee

A relatively small addition to the coffee scene, Blackbarn coffee is the perfect place for those coffee lovers looking to escape the stress of the city. The Baristas are very friendly and give a real sense of home when visiting. Also, this is one of the only places where you can enjoy coffee selections from Giyanti Coffee Roasters, Jakarta.

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