coffee shop in bandung 2.jpgIt’s been a common knowledge for some time now that Bandung, the city located 115 kilometres outside of Jakarta, is a haven for all things cutesy. And by cute, we mean not generic and unconventional.

The coffee shop scene in Jakarta has seen a surge in recent years (read our April’s findings here), but for the city that is known for its factory outlets, food attractions and serene respites for weary travellers, Bandung is also a home to colourful and kaleidoscopic coffee shops.

As we traversed outside our beloved capital city into the breezy city of Bandung, we take a look at the innovative coffee joints that serve the perfect cups of Java amid totally Instagrammable ambiences. Check out our five cosy and dreamy coffee shops that have been pampering coffee lovers for years around Bandung.

Two Cents

Located on Cimanuk Street, Two Cents boasts a homey wooden décor with vintage lamps and stylish partitions, giving the place a comfortable ambience in which to relax and talk with friends. Serving everything from espressos to lattes to affogato, Two Cents also offers an extensive food menu ranging from rice dishes, pastas and sandwiches to warm, tantalising churros.

To offer a richer coffee experience, this coffee joint applies two brewing methods: Awakening Blend, with citrus and floral flavours, and Bewitched Blend, with a bolder mix of chocolate and orange.

Noah’s Barn

With two branches in Bandung (Garuda Street and the Dago area), Noah’s Barn has long been the go-to place for a coffee fix in the City of Flowers. Since its first branch opened in 2012, Noah’s Barn has lured patrons with its fantastic latte art (3D koala foam or a cute duck image), as well as salads and other light bites. But that’s not all, since the two branches also offer a spacious indoor area enveloped with a warm wooden ambience that extends into a gorgeous alfresco area (in the second branch) making Noah’s Barn hard to resist.

Cups Coffee & Kitchen

You might have come across Cups Coffee & Kitchen on your Instagram feeds because, with its high-ceiling roof, decorative wall ornaments and mural, and ample supply of natural lighting thanks to its large windows, it’s the place that put “able” in Instagrammable. But don’t think that’s all that Cups Coffee & Kitchen has to offer, because from rich flavours coffees, classic hot chocolate to power breakfast meals and delicious waffles, it’s got you covered.

Blue Doors Coffee

What better way to remember a place than its iconic door colour? Located on Gandapura Street, Blue Doors Coffee boasts a rustic ambience with wooden tables and a washed-off wall colour adorned with a Kirsten Dunst poster among other frames as well as graffiti. Meanwhile, the cosy outdoor area features rows of blue steel chairs enveloped in lush greenery. If you go there for the coffee (which comes in a variety of blends and roasts), don’t forget to try the non-coffee drinks as well like the virgin sangria, piña colada and Havilla tea.

One Eighty Coffee

Dip your toes while sipping on a cup of cappuccino? That’s one of the many appealing reasons for visiting One Eighty Coffee, which is located on Ganesha Street in Bandung. The contemporary coffee shop boasts floor-to-ceiling windows on the first floor with a coffee bar in the middle, which extends to a seating area submerged in a shallow dipping pool outside. While on the second floor, guests can enjoy live music performances indoors or in the alfresco area while indulging in One Eighty Coffee’s specialties. Tip: order the coffee crème brûlée.

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