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When enjoying the island lifestyle of Bali, having a well-made cup of coffee can be crucial. With so many places and establishments trying to be the biggest and most popular place on the island, it can be a little overwhelming. So to help you in your search for a relaxing coffee while enjoying the island, here are 12 coffee shops in which you can enjoy a great coffee experience on Bali.  


Not as casual as many of the other coffee shop options, SATU is a slightly upper-class choice for those people looking for a bit more luxury with their coffee. The ambiance is as relaxed as you’d expect from Bali, with nice music, well-prepared food, and more than a hint of city chic.

Suka Espresso

Although not within sight of the beach, you can still hear the waves as you enjoy your coffee at Suka Espresso. As a result, everyone is relaxed as they take break from sun, sand, and sea. Along with great coffee, you can get a nice variety of fresh fruit bowls and other healthy options that are perfect for getting you back into the swing of things. 

Revolver Espresso

Located in the heart of one of the most popular foodie scenes on the island, Revolver Espresso is an inspirational place with a great feel. The wood-finished interior accompanies the island feel perfectly while still remaining fresh and not clichéd. The menu is filled with quality choices and you are guaranteed to get helpful service every day.

Seniman Coffee Studio

Adding some serious luxury and class to your coffee, Seniman Coffee Studio offers all the relaxing ambience with the feel of a scientific experiment. The menu is filled with intricate choices that will amaze as well as satisfy while you just chill out and follow the expert guidance.

Hungry Bird

Stability and reassurance are what you get at Hungry Bird. The menu is very easy to peruse, with nothing too surprising, while anything you order will satisfy your cravings. The coffee is very well-made as each member of staff is not only friendly but knowledgeable in the art of coffee making. Be it a cooked breakfast or a healthy bowl of fruit and grain you’ll be happy with your order.

The Moose Espresso Bar

With such a great variation of seating options available and a wide selection of options on the menu you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a restaurant. But when you sit down to enjoy a great cup of coffee, you realise that you have escaped the hustle a bustle of the tourist-heavy exterior and have found a peaceful place to enjoy island life.

Atlas Kitchen and Coffee

If you’re craving filling menu options with your morning or afternoon coffee, then Atlas is a great place to start. The menu is filled with high-quality options that will fulfil most tastes and needs, while the coffee is well-made and perfectly balanced. Overall, the ambience can be busy due to the popular nature of the menu, but it never interferes with the relaxed atmosphere that is generated by the staff.  

Pison Coffee

Pison Coffee has become a very popular destination with both visitors and residents of the island. This is due to the modern décor and great service that you get with every visit, but it also means you will have to wait to be seated if you don’t come early enough. So this is a great place to enjoy a well-crafted breakfast on a cool Balinese morning.

Ippolito Specialty Coffee

What could add to the relaxing atmosphere of a Balinese coffee shop? This is what Ippolito Specialty Coffee has tried to find out. Along with an expertly made coffee and a strong menu selection, you can relax right next to a large swimming pool. Dangle your feet in the water as you enjoy an iced latte or morning Americano.

Titik Temu Coffee

When you find Titik Temu Coffee, you may thing you have found someone’s island home or, better still, a music venue. With a beautiful open space below and the coffee shop above, you can head up the stairs to enjoy great coffee while below a band plays some fantastic music. This coffee shop offers a truly unique experience that has to be enjoyed and definitely not missed.

Whale and Cobali

A small establishment that not only offers great coffee but also a daily selection of homemade cakes. The breakfasts are also rather moreish and will have you have maybe ordering two. Due to its size and really friendly staff, you will always feel welcome when visiting Whale and Cobali, and as a result this one the best places to enjoy a quiet coffee experience.

Jikaa Coffee x Eatery


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As soon as you enter Jikaas you’ll feel like you are in someone’s in living room. Cushioned seating and low-level coffee tables are decorated with a selection of books that can be enjoyed while you drink your coffee. The atmosphere is what you’d expect from a living room—comfortable and chilled. Of all the coffee shops in Bali, it is really hard to find somewhere so great at putting people at ease.

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