The season’s laid-back atmosphere should be spent making memories with loved ones at these charming eateries


Sudoet Tjerita


The picturesque city of Santorini in Greece has moved to Jakarta’s Pantai Indah Kapuk Area at the Sudoet Tjerita, a coffee shop that transports you to the lovely seaside city with its white walls, balconies, and quirky corners. After going up and down the stairs to strike poses for the camera, try its famed spiced coffee to quench your thirst and bite into its Nougat Cake which balances both mocha and peanuts extremely well.

Kopi Cat Café by Groovy

Kopi Cat.png

Cat lovers take note: Groovy’s Kopi Cat Café is somewhere to relax while playing with friendly felines of all kinds at its locations in Bintaro and Kemang. Operating under the Groovy brand, which also has vet care, a pet hotel, and more, these furballs are guaranteed to be clean and cute. The cats can also be enjoyed as details on the latte art, cupcake toppings, and many other sweet details. 

Padang Merdeka

Padang Merdeka.png

Elevating homely Padang flavours, Padang Merdeka serves its menu with the best ingredients to create a subtle and sophisticated palate loved by both locals and expats alike. Its new location in Menteng is making it even more accessible, be it for business or fun, in a modern setting. The colourful walls, murals, neon signs, and other decorations also set Padang Merdeka apart from similar restaurants and are perfect for Instagram feeds.

Lobo Restaurant


With European-inspired flavours and touches of Asian flair, Lobo Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is the latest classy affair to open at the hotel. Located at the lobby, its Sunday Martini Brunch is a treat featuring 101 types of Martini that you have to try with friends or family. Among the many menus offered, the red snapper is particularly juicy in lemongrass broth, while the tender venison loin pairs well with the soursop gelée.

Bukan Ruang

Bukan Ruang.png

Seniman Ruang designed Bukan Ruang as a café and event space that is perhaps the cosiest, most minimalist place in the busy Kemang area. Not only photogenic to look at, Bukan Ruang is also tasty to try with its coffee and tea choices that go perfectly with Indonesian and international menus, such as the Nasi Daging Se’I, which combines thinly sliced beef with savoury spices, or the Carbonara with plenty of minced meat to top off the penne pasta.

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