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Since its grand inception about two years ago, Alila Seminyak has garnered astounding reviews for its deluxe accommodations and postcard-perfect ambiance. Now, the five-star resort is back in the limelight with its new seafood-themed restaurant, Seasalt, located downstairs below the hotel’s opulent main lobby and next to the beach bar.

Recently, Indonesia Tatler got the opportunity to indulge in a hearty degustation at Seasalt while basking in the breathtaking oceanfront vista. Read on to learn what one will experience at Bali’s latest seascape restaurant.



Photo: Courtesy of Seasalt 

The hum of the waves and the fresh ocean breeze are the first two things that guests will notice as they enter Seasalt restaurant. However, once the trance wore off, you will marvel on the artistic beauty all around. Designed by EDG, the restaurant is designed to resemble an opulent seaside residence dominated by wooden-accented décor and homey ornaments. The indoor area is packed with rows of monochromatic sofas and long tables. The spacious restaurant also provides an open-kitchen concept on the right-hand side.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Seasalt

However, the main attraction lies in the outdoor area—separated by floor-to-ceiling windows—where guests will find throngs of wooden tables nestled below wooden skylight roof, which allow light and shadow to change patterns. The other deck area is occupied by comfortable rattan chairs that serve only one purpose: from which to gaze at the majestic view of the Indian Ocean.


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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Seasalt

Branded as a seafood destination restaurant, Seasalt serves a fresh seafood selection with a dash of Japanese infusion available for breakfast, lunch and dinner options, which are again divided into many sub-categories.

As Indonesia Tatler was invited for an exclusive brunch (available every Sunday), we started our à la carte degustation as recommended: with raw menus like Tuna Tartare (black rice crackers with wasabi) and Spanish Mackerel (yuzu cured with Ponzi dressing) before moving on to salads and vegetables-based dishes.

Salad lovers should opt for the popular French salad Niçoise served with Katsuobushi and 2-year-old black miso, while vegetables fan can order either the Kyoto Hummus (broccoli, avocado, edamame and romaine lettuce serves with tasty hummus), or the Crispy Oyster Mushroom mixed with pickled shimeji, duxelles, seared button and grilled shiitake and served in gomaae dressing. The Japanese fusion in the last dish is exquisitely palpable.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Seasalt

Next, we moved on to the restaurant’s signature sea-salt baked fish White Snapper that is served with five different types of "seasides": trio tomato salads, potato katsuobushi salad, yuzu cucumber sesame salad, green salad and a dashi butter lemon sauce, each perfectly elevating the taste and flavours of the baked fish.

Helmed by the talented Chef Vivian Vitalis, the eatery also serves other varieties like Asian and Western dishes, healthy breakfast menus along with a wide range of egg dishes. Yes, you read that right, from poached to omelette to baked… it’s eggs heaven during breakfast time here! Elsewhere, guests should not opt out of the delicious bubur options for a boosted-up breakfast, and a meal can be topped off with fluffy manjari mallow cake filled with cherry, chantilly and cocoa cream along with beet root sorbet, aptly named Forest.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Seasalt

It goes without saying that the hearty brunch was an experience that stands on its own. But, the highlight of any visit should be witnessing the Sea Salt Ritual, which consists of a unique centrepiece. Served during dinner time for reserved guests, the restaurant’s host will approach you with a tray of warm sourdoughs accompanied with a gangsa hammer that is commonly used in Balinese Gamelan music.

The host will then take the coral-shaped sea-salt centrepiece on your table and crack it open using the hammer. What’s inside, you wonder? Wrapped in flimsy black seaweed are delicious rillettes of mackerel, butter and mayonnaise that you can spread on your bread. The briny taste and theatrical presentation are enough to trigger one’s imagination to a dream of the deep blue sea. While a journey under the sea might not be for everyone, a trip to Seasalt is guaranteed to give you the rich taste of the sea’s majesty.

For more information or reservation, visit Seasalt's website here.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Seasalt


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