Located in the heart of the capital, in one of its most elite districts, Plataran Menteng is here to elevate Indonesian dining to new heights. Surrounded by, and filled with, lush greenery, Plataran Menteng is a veritably tranquil oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

Standing majestically on an area of approximately 1,500 square metres, Plataran Menteng is an exclusive dining and events space with colonial-era design aesthetics. Taking after the residence of an aristocrat from colonial times, Plataran Menteng will make diners feel very much at home.

The establishment has created a culinary experience that integrates a fusion of cuisines from around Asia, with a highlight on local cuisines.

In addition to the exquisite restaurant, Plataran Menteng also provides a fully equipped events space. The space is equipped for a range of events, from the formal to the informal, such as corporate gatherings, product launches, weddings, and birthday parties.

The facilities are aimed at providing the utmost convenience for guests. The fully air-conditioned space is equipped with a ceiling speaker, elevators that go to every floor, and an Islamic prayer room that can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Entering Plataran Menteng, our guests for the afternoon, Kartika Winata and Dr Christabella Rininta, were greeted by the sight of a tall and leafy mango tree in the middle of the dining hall.

The sunlight shining through the glass ceiling fills the room with a warm and welcoming ambiance. A pianist plays soothing melodies to further bring out the intimate and homely atmosphere.

The first storey is divided into two dining areas and two private rooms, accommodating up to 120 guests. The second storey features a lounge and four private rooms that accommodate up to 150 guests, while a private cigar lounge is on the third storey. For something a little different, we suggest heading up to the roof for brilliant views of the city accompanied by drinks and snacks.


Kari Ayam Deli


Kerapu Menteng

Plataran Menteng


Dining Area

After getting their drink orders taken, the two close friends immediately got to catching up. Both Kartika and Bella—as she is more intimately known—have very busy schedules.

Kartika is the Marketing Director of Eurobutik Bangun Indonesia, a distributor of independent European luxury timepieces. Bella recently graduated from medical school, and is one of the founders of Let’s Share, a charitable foundation with a focus on providing education and healthcare.

But despite differing careers, the two friends share the same passion for travelling. Kartika had been in Geneva for SIHH, one of the world’s largest luxury timepiece trade shows, while Bella had been travelling around Europe in celebration of her graduation.

Not long after the drinks arrived, the servers came by with the signature dishes of Plataran Menteng. For starters, Mutumanikam was the appetiser of choice. A bowl of corn kernel, pomegranate, chive, dried anchovies, caramelised coconut served with sweet and spicy sauce make for the most refreshing opening act.

Next comes the kari ayam deli: chicken curry served with roti prata. The spice-laden dish’s aroma fills the entire hall. The soft and fragrant roti prata were the perfect complement to the warm succulent chicken lathered in creamy curry sauce.

Kerapu Menteng is the highlight of the day’s main course. Plataran Menteng is famous for its fish dishes which are always fresh and boast unbeatable flavours. Our dish is  fried grouper topped with mint leaves, basil, ginger flower, shallots, red onions and lemongrass with spicy tamarind sauce and ground toasted rice.

The multitude of flavours comes together harmoniously with the varying textures of the ingredients making for an exciting experience.

To complete the meal, Kartika and Bella shared the restaurant’s signature dessert: Jangan Ditanya. The playfully named dessert consists of breadfruit and banana fritters topped off with a scoop of delightful vanilla ice cream.

The breadfruit is an interesting texture that is akin to freshly baked bread, with a taste that is similar to potatoes. The fritter pairing of the breadfruit and banana, with vanilla ice cream makes for a balanced combination that is a superb closing dish to an already sublime meal.

Plataran Menteng

Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

+62 (21) 2962 7771/2



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