Beginning his culinary career at the age of 20, Chef Sudiono has worked at numerous prestigious hotels around the globe, including Jakarta and Dubai. The chef is known for his deep appreciation of Asian fusion cuisine, which guests can experience at Alila Jakarta, where he is currently working.

We caught up with the talented cook and asked for a refreshing fast-breaking recipe that you can easily make in the comfort of your own home. Chef Sudiono opted to share with us the recipe of Peanuts Roulade with taste of Tajil Compote: a soft and tasteful peanuts roulade that is filled with creamy pumpkin sauce and topped with strawberry, berries and chocolate stick. Sounds yummy? We think so too.

Peanuts Roulade Tajil

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150g butter squash

1ml pandan essence

100ml coconut milk

150g palm sugar

3 whole cardamoms

50g fresh red ginger

1 whole leave pandan

1 large egg

200g rice flour

30g roasted almond crushed

30g roasted Peanut crushed

1 medium-sized strawberry

1 medium-sized raspberry

20g roasted pistachio crushed



For the skin, beat the rice flour, pandan essence, egg and water to make rice paper with a non-stick pan. Next, bring to boil the palm sugar, butter squash, cardamom, ginger, pandan leaves and coconut milk until soft, then blend and strain. Roll the crushed peanuts and almonds with rice paper, and cut into two around 2cm each. For finishing, take a round plate and start to plate them as per the picture.

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