Vivian.jpgWith over 13 years of experience, Chef Vivian sure knows how to cook an impressive meal or dessert. Born in the state of Sabah in Malaysia, the talented chef has spent his career traversing the globe, working for big hotels from Kuala Lumpur, Germany and even St. Tropez. Now, the chef is responsible for the wonderful degustation at Alila Seminyak in Bali.

We recently asked Chef Vivian for a simple, health but delicious breakfasting menu. With a culinary philosophy that gravitates towards healthy and down-to-earth lifestyle, it should come as no surprise when Chef Vivian opted for a wonderful and tasty Kolak Azuki with Black Salted Mochi, that we think will be a perfect fit for a fast-breaking menu, or simply a refreshing sweet treats after your meal. Happy cooking!

Kolak Azuki with Black Salted Mochi (2 portions)

IMG_7017 - Copy.jpgIngredients for soup:

20g Red bean

50g Coconut cream

20g Sugar

1 pinch Seasalt

Ingredients for Treats:

20g Banana (pisang kapok)

20g Sweet honey potato (ubi Cilembu)

20g Purple potato

5g Ground nut (oatmeal)

Ingredients for Mochi:

80g Coconut cream

40g Glutinous rice flour

20g Rice flour

15g Cooking oil

7g Green tea powder

10g Black sesame

10g Caster sugar

1 pinch Seasalt

250ml Water



Soup & Treats

Boiled the soup ingredients and all the treats for 45 minutes until they become soft. Separate the soup and the treats. Place the soup on a cup and let the treats dry using soft tissue before put it onto a plate.


Mix rice flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, oil, black sesame, green tea powder, and water using balloon, whisk until the mixture becomes lump free. Steam for 2 hours and removed from the bowl.

Preheat the oven for 200 degrees and baked the mixture for 45 minutes. Leave it cold and then shaped it into little balls and dip into sesame seed.


Mix the mochi and treats. Preheat the soup, or add some ice as you like, before pouring it onto the treats.

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