Jakarta is filled with amazing restaurants and bars with a range of styles and tastes. Each brings something different to entice you into enjoying what it has to offer. One of the main draws is the cocktail menu, as there is something for everyone. One of the most well-known additions is the Martini, due to its versatility. To celebrate this classic drink here are nine places in which you can enjoy some deliciously made Martinis in Jakarta.

Potato Head, Jakarta

A respected name in the world of mixology in Asia, Potato Head is a favourite of those who love a good cocktail. For a dessert-flavoured Martini, try the Vanilla and Maple Syrup Martini, or for something with more of an aperitif feel, order the Basil and Citrus Martini to refresh your palate.


Although the Chocolate Buddha is a favourite among many of customers, the Lychee Martini is a cocktail that shouldn’t be missed. Served with three lychees, it has a rich aroma and flavour, which can be enjoyed during or after a meal. 

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If a Double Espresso Martini is not enough to get you ready for a big night out then try the Grilled Lychee Martini with its Earl Grey flavours combine well with the lychee is. But if you are a lover of rum and martinis, then try the aptly named Mojito “Cotton Candy” Martini, which takes the classic rum cocktail and turns it into a Martini with sweet garnish.


The sublime views and Asian-inspired cuisine are not the only things attracting people to the 67th floor of the Westin hotel. Along with Sake-hinted variations such as the Sakura Maru cocktail, you can also enjoy some of the best classic Martinis prepared with only the best vodka and gin you can find on a back bar.


The menu at Union has a great selection of classic and in-house creations. The Cover Club and Pletok are particular standouts if you are looking for a speakeasy-strength cocktail. But if you want something a bit more fun, then try the Pop Rocks Martini for its unique take on the classic drink with a popping candy finish.


With the Renaissance-inspired paintings and furniture décor you might feel like you are about to enter confession, but once the menu comes out, all your attention will be on which drink to have next. Although the rum selection is very extensive, the Vesper is very well-made and can be enjoyed with or without food. One of the most famously named Martinis, the Vesper is a strong yet sophisticated drink.  


Although it is not served in a Martini glass, the Lavender Gin-based cocktail named Cherry Blossom is just one of the many well-thought-out creations on the menu at SKYE. The combination of floral flavours and bitters brings out all the best notes of the gin at the center of this tasty beverage.

Mr Fox

Due to being known as one of the coolest cocktail hangouts in the city, Mr Fox is many cocktail lovers’ first choice when heading out for a quick alcoholic creation. So it comes as no surprise that one of the most famous Martini variations is fantastic here. The Cosmopolitan is known around the world for its pink colour and orange garnish flare but be careful as when prepared correctly it does come with a bit of a kick.

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