Manual-Jakarta_Lume_m-7-980x719.jpgDazzlingly crafted plate designs and delectable desserts await you at the recently opened Lume. Comfortable cushioned sitting and large booths are accompanied by soft lighting and a menu that focuses on French- and Italian-inspired cuisine. Located in the Senopati area, the new restaurant is becoming a popular place for a classy brunch or a more formal affair later in the evening.



46038019_323689331808814_3434823099725468922_n_1.jpgAnother Senopati hotspot, Emiko offers lovingly crafted Japanese dishes in their authentic flavours. Each dish is perfect for dropping in and enjoying a quick bite without sacrificing taste, quality, and style. That said, along with great food, the décor, with its comfortable seating and natural lighting that fills the restaurant with a homely warmth, encourages a longer stay more than just a simple drop by.


 Paloma Bistro (3).jpgAn addition to the busy culinary district of Menteng, Paloma Bistro offers plenty of tasty Indonesian cuisine with hints of modern techniques and twists. The chic décor and white interior give guests a sense of an age of decadence and luxury. Housed in the Des Indes Hotel, the Bistro is a perfect addition to the central Jakarta food scene for any social occasion.



Salenco.jpgThe latest culinary experience to appear in PIK, SAL EN CØ offers a menu that focuses on healthy eating. Colourful fruit bowls and smoothies are just some of the delicious options on the menu as large open windows and soft colours add to the healing experience. The on-site promise of only fresh ingredients every day is backed up by a real focus on helping the environment with biodegradable utensils and packaging.



picture-1549441107 (1).JPGLuxury hand-crafted burgers are making a real splash this year and Fatmawati is adding to the fun. The newest addition, Byurger, uses lightly toasted brioche buns to house its meaty burgers, making each one a towering journey for your taste buds. The freshly made patties are helped by a focus on cooking each one individually, which produces a crispy outside and juicy inside every time.

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