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Coffee has become a huge part of our lives and many of us drink it multiple times daily. While it is not difficult to get coffee— with new coffee stalls seemingly popping up every day—finding good coffee is no mean feat. With hectic and busy schedules, sometimes all we have time for is a cup of bland instant coffee. Lucky for us, one company is set to revolutionise the world of instant coffee.

Luwak Coffee Global Indonesia, part of Luwak Coffee Global, is going to change the game with its brand of instant civet coffee, popularly known as kopi luwak: the world’s most expensive coffee. The brand combines the strengths and characteristics of traditional Asian white coffee with those of Western specialist coffees.

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A common perception of instant mixes is that they can never be as good as a properly brewed cup of ground beans. Luwak Coffee Global promises to elevate instant coffee to new levels while preserving its convenience and versatility. The founders of the company have long appreciated the white coffee culture of Southeast Asia. When one of them moved to Australia, she was then completely enthralled by the intense passion of country’s modern specialist coffees. The advanced techniques in creating the coffee were also entirely different from what she had seen back home.

It was the two radically different coffee cultures that inspired the founders to look for a way to bring together the best of both worlds. With an Indonesian partner who owns a coffee plantation, it was only a matter of time before they had their breakthrough.

Interestingly enough, the plantation was also home to civets. One day, the founders realised that they could greatly enhance traditional white coffee by incorporating civet coffee. The civet coffee would bring new aroma, flavor, and complexity. The rest, as they say, is history.

The first-ever civet coffee instant blend was indulgent with an alluring aroma. The flavour was intense and complex, but with a smooth consistency. A large contributing factor is the amount of care and attention taken to cultivate the coffee. The civets are well taken care of, while the plantation is managed using traditional methods. The brand also does not use any artificial preservatives or additives so as to preserve the original aroma and taste of the coffee.

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Today, Luwak Coffee Global offers a range of instant coffees: non-sweet, mixed nuts, and original. The non-sweet variety is great for those looking for a healthier alternative. Colostrum and skimmed milk take the place of sugar. This blend offers a rich aroma with subtle hints of cocoa and a creamy feel. The original blend is full-bodied yet gentle on the palate, balancing the bitterness of the coffee with sweet caramel notes from cane sugar. The brand also offers an assorted box of all flavours for those looking to experience the whole range.

Whether it is to kick off your day or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and whether you like your coffee hot or iced, Luwak Coffee Global has something for everyone. Great-tasting fresh coffee any time, any place? There are now no more reasons to suffer a bad cup of coffee.

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