Photo: Photo courtesy of Como Uma Canggu

As we are only two days away from Eid al-fitr, many of us are already looking forward to spending quality time with the family. Aside from the warmth and love of our extended kin, Eid is also the time when we taste some of our most favourite foods, especially desserts. After a month of fasting, many of you will be craving yummy treats.

We caught up with Indonesia’s veteran Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan at COMO Uma Canggu and asked him to share his favourite recipe, which is perfect to savour during Eid. When asked, Chef Dedy quickly agreed to share his special Verrine with Keffir Lime Namelaka (“creamy texture” in Japanese) with cashew nuts and pineapple compote. Not only is this verrine delicious, it’s also healthy and easy to make.

Verrine Keffir Lime Namelaka

VERRINE_Keffir Lime Namelaka, Cashewnut, Pineapple Compote.JPGPhoto: Photo courtesy of Como Uma Canggu

Ingredients for Verrine:

80g banana chocolate mousse

30g almond milk jelly

30g pineapple compote

50g pineapple sous-vide

0.2g edible flowers    

0.2g mint leaves

50g apple cake (gluten free)

Mango sauce

Ingredients for banana chocolate mousse:

200g over-Ripe bananas

200g almond milk jelly

120g dark Chocolate (70%)

50g roasted pineapple 

50g coconut water

Preparations: Blend to a smooth texture in a blender.

Ingredients for Almond milk jelly:

200g almond milk

200g cashew nut milk

4g agar jelly

Preparations: Boil all ingredients. Set aside in a chiller and blend well in a blender.

Ingredients for pineapple compote:

546g fresh pineapple, sous-vide

1g vanilla pods

5g cinnamon sticks

5g cornflour

200g water

110g castor sugar

Preparations: Boil all ingredients, stir well to a thick consistency.

Ingredients for apple cake (gluten free):

150g gluten-free flour mix    

15g organic coconut sugar

6g baking powder

2g baking soda

200g apple puree

150g apple filling


Combine all ingredients. Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for about 12 minutes.

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