As much as rice is a staple of most people’s daily meals in Indonesia, noodles are also loved and are among many a Jakarta resident’s favourite foods. The love of noodles, or bakmi, can be seen by the unbelievable number of establishments offering a different take on the dish. To help you get through the plethora of options at your disposal, here are 10 of Jakarta’s best places to enjoy noodles.

Bakmi Pejagalan Amiimage 1.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Bakmi Pejagalan Ami

Larger than many of the other noodle joints on this list, Bakmi Pejagalan Ami is everything you’d expect from a noodle bar in the big city. The flavours are memorable and will have you either going back for more or ordering from home.

Bakmi Khek

With a choice of chicken, pork, or mushroom, there is something for everyone who wishes to enjoy some tasty noodles. If you choose to visit, then the addition of an AC unit will also make the noodle shop a pleasurable experience and an escape from hot streets of Muara Karang.

Bakmi Gandi 73

The rather sweet taste makes the bakmi here perfect for any time of the day. The inclusion of smaller and larger portions also means you can indulge your noodle craving and hunger at the same time. Slightly more expensive than other noodle joints, it does offer great flavours and a sweet finish.

Bakmi Lamlo 1967

A well-established noodle joint in the north of the city, this is not only famous for its tasty noodles but also the expertly constructed broth. There are no real frills here, but what you do get is a satisfying bowl of noodles that will leave you full every time.

Bakmi Karet Asiu


Combining everything you love about bakmi with delicious Chinese pork knowledge, the range of flavoursome toppings here will have you going back for more. The noodles have a great texture and when combined with some char sui have a really rich flavour.

Bakmi Pangsit Mie Palupangsit.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Pangsit Mie Palu 

Indulge in the full range of pork toppings on offer when enjoying your noodles at Bakmi Pangsit Mie Palu. The range is amazing and each topping has been cooked perfectly to compliment the noodles. For any lover of pork and noodles, this is place you cannot miss.

Bakmi Alokalok.jpg

Photo Courtesy Bakmi Ayam Alok

The complex chicken broth utilised in the finished dish here is very hard to be rivalled by anyone else. The flavour is created from the roasting of the chicken all day, while the meat is used to top the noodles you will be lucky enough to enjoy.

Bakmi Alipalip.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Bakmi Alip Pecenongan Jakarta.

This place is so popular that it has to use two floors to satisfy the number of customers, although most people will stay downstairs in order to get extras quicker. For something different try the smaller noodles with meat balls as they are lighter and allow for an extra bowl if you are in the mood. 

Bakmi Tambo

Specialising in pork, Bakmi Tambo utilises every part of the pig to create a thick, smoky broth that, when combined with a range of pork treats, adds tonnes of flavour to the noodles. The site is small, so you may wish to order and return home to enjoy your noodles uninterrupted.

Bakmi Bangka 777

Opening from 6am until 9pm, this is noodle joint you can enjoy all day. They have sites across the city and offer wet and dry noodle dishes with chicken-based toppings. It is well-known among noodle enthusiasts and its dishes can also be delivered straight to your house or office. 

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