Umesh Bhagchandani (@mesh),  Digital Senior Editor

Being a vegetarian, Mamma Rosy is perfect for me as it offers plenty of vegetarian options, ranging from pizza, and pasta to my favourite, its delicious and yummy risotto! Plus, it has a cosy ambience, friendly service and delicious beverages - ideal for weekdays or weekend.  

Karina Saphiera W. (@karinasaphiera), Business Convergence Executive

Bluezone has the best vegan bowls in town that are perfect for dinner dates or a Saturday lunch after a long night out. Aside from those, it also has a combusting bar hidden at the back for those looking to jumpstart their healthy lifestyles and seeking new Instagram-worthy spots.

Edith Emeralda (@edith.htide), Senior Editor

Photo: Venoth's Culinary Adventures

Siang Malam is one of the best Padang restaurant in Jakarta, thanks to its juicy “pop” chicken, and thin and crispy beef dendeng. Moreover, each sauces actually has a distinctive  taste that will tempt you to try more dishes, including its satay and Padang-style soto.

Maina Harjani (@mainaharjani), Managing Editor

Honu, because it serves the freshest salmon in a poke bowl in town. The next choice would be Le Burger, because nothing beats a meal of burger and beers.

Anastasia W. Wibowo (@anastasiawbw), Staff Writer

From my experience, Tontoki serves the best pork belly stamina don in a sizeable portion. It’s located strategically in MidPlaza in Sudirman and the waiting time is short (less than 15 minutes), so it’s suitable for business lunch (caution: it’s non-halal).

Liviani Cinthyana (@livianicinthyana), Digital Content & Partnerships

For me, the best restaurant would be PappaRich, because it serves the best and most consistent Penang food around town. Its Penang kway teow and curry laksa is truly to die for! Try having brunch there as well; its refreshing iced milk tea and crispy kaya toast will leave you wanting more.

Dewi Irma (@dewideme), Digital Director

I feel like it is the coolest rice bowl or box movement in town, and the tastiest one with its signature salted egg chicken dish.

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