What is the name of your dish and the inspiration behind it? Fernando Sindu: Grilled Tomahawk a la Konro served with coconut creamy rice, acar kuning, jardinière vegetables, sambal ijo compote, and rice crackers. This dish is inspired by Konro soup from Makassar: I try to fuse Western dishes with Indonesian flavours, thus modernising the latter’s cuisine. First, season the tomahawk with salt and pepper, not forgetting to massage it with generous amounts of oil to make it moist, and then grill it inside out. Then I prepare the spices for the risotto-style coconut milk rice and include the shallots and garlic. I make the Konro sauce from scratch and drizzle it on top of the meat and on the side for decoration.

For a Christmas or New Year party, what would you pair the dish with? FS: Wine would be a safe option, but if you want to spice things up, try serving it with orange juice and a bit of alcohol, just like a refreshing cocktail.

Any tips for home cooks to store, cook, and serve the Tomahawk cut? FS: Storing the Tomahawk steak in the freezer will make sure it lasts longer, but if you opt to put it in the fridge, it will only last five days. You can do a lot with a Tomahawk cut, but one thing’s for sure: this piece of meat is hard to come by, so if you get to work with it, you have to treat it very preciously to ensure a juicy result.

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