Ending the year in the company of family and friends while sipping on some great cocktails sounds like the perfect party plan. When dealing with the hangover, however, a few already has the answer for it while others are still searching. Here we provide a few healthy tips that could help ease the pain.

Continuous Hydration System water.jpg

Anything that dries up the body the morning after should be avoided—namely more alcohol and coffee. If you really must drink coffee, have a cup and then drink even more water. Before, during and after the battle with the bottle, water is important to help expunge the system. Sports and isotonic drinks are also helpful, or by simply mixing a little sugar and salt to your water—also try coconut water, a known remedy to cleanse and expel toxics.

Soak the Vitamins


Fresh fruit is the healthy answer to your hangover problem: it contains plenty water and vitamins. Blend your favourites with yogurt into smoothie for an easy way to digest; banana is one of the choices because it’s gentle yet packing a punch with lots of potassium.  Vegetables are also good to replenish vitamins and minerals but due to is fibrous nature, instead sip some thin vegetable-stock soup. Don’t forget your daily vitamins intake, too!

Enjoy Healthy Fats 0270683624e046a3c09ef0fc8a0bf905.jpg

A hearty English fry-up or a greasy burger is a good solution after a night of drinking for some people. However, it might be easier on the stomach if you try a healthier version of high-fat foods. Avocados on toast or with eggs and cheese are some examples that can be—and should be—made at home. Fatty fish such as salmon is another great item for the night-after breakfast as do nuts, chia seeds, yogurt and olive oil.

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