Endless views of the Indian Ocean and an array of warmth radiating from the setting sun await diners when they visit the award-winning Ju-Ma-Na Restaurant on Bali. Recognised as being one of the best restaurants on the island, Ju-Ma-Na has continued to maintain only the highest standards of service and dining since its opening. The combination of French flavours and Japanese influences has produced a number of outstanding culinary creations that draw guests from around the world,each one leaving satisfied by both the food and the stunning views that surround the cliff-edged location.

While the dining experience of Bali has always been a mixture of picturesque island views and interesting cuisine, Ju-Ma-Na has chosen to perfect its menu and rely on giving its guests a complete experience. The perfect vantage point to enjoy a sunset or the everlasting blue horizon can be enjoyed outside with small intimate seating allowing for special moments and unforgettable memories, or inside, which offers more seating options while also making you feel as if you are still part of the stunning beauty outside.

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The large windows, bright neutral colours, and open seating plan all come together to produce a relaxing sense of luxury and elegance, which ensures that guests never feel too close to other guests. Intermitting items of modern art offer interesting visual interludes entwined with the extensive natural light and lush cream colours, each one occasionally catching the eye.

The refined menu mimics the decor with sublime plating and style covering every inch of the finished dish. Signature dishes like the Angus Beef will please refined palates and reflect an eye for creating dishes that take guests’ breath away before they have even begun their meal. When finally sampled, the mixture of fresh ingredients and rich French flavours leaves guests with a sense of regal opulence that only amazing French cuisine and the best ingredients can produce.

Although the intricate details and attention paid to the choicest of ingredients lend themselves well to artistic dining stylings that are synonymous with, and take inspiration from, the more extravagant side of French cuisine. The Seafood Tower offers a supreme collection of exquisite presentation and flavours while not being overwhelmed by ingredients and styles. Arabian influenced snacks and drinks may also add other dimensions to the delicious proceedings and can be the perfect way to wait for the sunset at guests’ own pace and leisure.

In a constantly competitive market that boasts some of the best restaurants in Southeast Asia, Ju Ma-Na continues to impress and excel with relaxing moments during the day and sensual moments of luxury during the evening. With constant levels of only the highest standards, maintained at all time by Head Chef Agus Wiryawan, the restaurant will only go from strength to strength. The result is an inventive dining experience with surprises waiting on every plate and a view that will leave visitors speechless and satisfied.