A stark monochromatic interior and décor coloured by small clusters of fresh flowers in clear vases welcomes  Indonesia Tatler’s beautiful guests to Angus House at Plaza Senayan one fine afternoon. Directed straightaway to one of three private rooms, Kanty Widjaja arrives first, looking on-point in pink attires, while Intan Soekotjo breezily follows after her in refreshing orange.

Not long after, still-steaming bread opens the meal together with a pat of butter on the side. Soon the crackling crust is heard along with Kanty and Intan’s crisp laughter over the story of their first meeting. “We were both present at this cultural event just a few years ago,” Intan said. “I was singing and she was hosting.” Kanty adds: “When it suddenly rained, we took cover together and since then we’ve been friends.”

The two then decide to order a mix of Angus House’s take on the land and the sea, starting with scallops mixed with greens and foie gras topped with mushrooms. “Wow, look at this,” Intan marvels at the soft and juicy foie gras, while beside her Kanty savours the sweet and fresh scallops. More seafood is next: a course of grilled salmon purely paired with steamed vegetables and savoury sauces.

Of course, a trip to Angus House is not complete without tasting the prime cut of the Angus beef, so Kanty and Intan agreed on having a slice of tenderloin each. Served on a hotplate atop the soy-sauce-based sauce with garnishes of lemon and butter, the succulent beef simply shines.

Among the first to champion the then almost-obscure Angus cattle breed in Jakarta, the 30-year-old restaurant is owner and Chef Motonaga Hokonohara’s recipe together with an Indonesian investor.

Starting from a prime location along Sudirman Road, Angus House now has two exclusive locations in Jakarta, plus one in Surabaya and an overseas branch in Singapore.

While some branch’s menus also offer Japanese yakiniku and shabu-shabu in addition to steaks, the constant factor is the desserts. As the meal ends, the keroncong singer and the presenter agree to end their cordial lunch on a sweet note.

To their delight, the tiramisu turns out to be a melt-in-yourmouth affair complete with a berry-flavoured mousse and vanilla sauce.

After wiping their plates clean, Intan goes off to her family’s moneychanger business and on to her mission in spreading keroncong to the younger listeners. Kanty, done at the TV station for the day, moves on to a full agenda of event preparations and gym sessions.

 Angus House
Plaza Senayan, 4th Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Central Jakarta
+62 (21) 572 5335

(Text by: Edith Emeralda; Photo by: Heri B Haryanto)

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