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New Year is the perfect time to enjoy classic cocktails, and they don’t get more exciting than champagne. Champagne cocktails are synonymous with celebration, so they can be a great way to ring in the New Year. Here are eight classic champagne cocktails that you can enjoy or order this New Year.

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Perfect for those people looking for something a little sweet and citrusy with their champagne, the French 75 uses 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of sugar syrup and 50ml of gin, all of which is shaken with ice and poured into a champagne flute. When topping it off with champagne, be slow or the resulting fizz will pour over the glass. The finished drink is like taking a Tom Collins to the next level.



Of all the classic cocktails on this list, the Sgroppino is a great choice due to the finished drink resembling fallen snow. Place 2 tsp of lemon sorbet into a flute, add 1 tsp of vodka, and finish with very cold champagne.

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Mojitos are one of the most popular cocktails around the world, so it makes sense that they could also be used to create a champagne cocktail. Take the normal formula of a basic Mojito and top up with champagne. Use a long steamed white wine glass to give it an extra bit of flair, and if you’re looking to make it a little sweeter, use a gold rum instead of the normal white.


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One of the most well-known and beloved champagne delights, a Bellini is classically made with prosecco but if you take fresh peaches and blend them with 100ml of champagne they can be just as good. The versatility of using any sweet fruit can produce amazing results. One such change could be using mango, which you can chop and blend with 100ml of champagne and top of with some chilled champagne to produce the perfect tropical champagne cocktail.

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Although not as famous as other champagne cocktails on this list, the Ernest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon is only for the most daring of cocktail drinkers. Use up to 50ml, depending on your taste, of absinthe and then pour over extremely cold champagne until it goes cloudy. If the thought of absinthe is too much for you but you like the flavour, try using Pernod instead.

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Due to their high sugar content, raspberries are a great ingredient for making cocktails. Crush four raspberries with a mortar and pestle, then scoop the crushed raspberries into a champagne flute. Use a raspberry liquor like Chambord and add 25ml to the crushed raspberries. Finish off with champagne and a frozen raspberry to produce and delectable Raspberry Fizz.

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There are many champagne cocktails that use a simple sweet base. Berries, fruit, or just plain sugar are all used to add something fun. One of the first ones ever created and most enjoyed is the Kir Royale. Perfect for a brunch, drinks with friends or a small house party all you need is 1 tbsp of crème de cassis. Pour over some cold champagne and maybe a floating blackberry for garnish.

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The clue is generally in the name with this famous cocktail. The Champagne Cocktail is normally identifiable by its cloudy look and lemon twist garnish. The base is a simple white sugar cube, which is covered by two or three dashes of Angostura bitters. Top off with nice dry Brut champagne and you are finished.

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