As we are preparing to welcome the Year of the Dog, not only are we caught up with all the hassle, the kitchen is usually the busiest place! If you’re opting for home-cooked dishes for this year’s celebrations, then this Gui Fei Chicken recipe by Chef Yvonne Yuen is a must-have dish. Gui Fei Chicken is a simple meal, yet it requires a lot of details to be followed to ensure its success. Luckily, we have Chef Yvonne Yuen whose expertise in Chinese and Cantonese cuisine is unquestionable to share with us her recipe for this tasty and mouthwatering Gui Fei Chicken!

Gui Fei Chicken

Soaking: 1 hour/cooking: 45 minutes

Serving: For 6-8


1200g dressed chicken

250g salt

12 cups water


4 pcs star anise

½ tbsp Sichuan spice pepper

½ tbsp cumin

½ stick cinnamon

50g fresh shajiang

1 section dried tangerine peel

8g licorice

½ tsp cloves

1/8 pc dried lohan fruit

For cooking instructions, watch the above video now!

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