Ji Terrace by the Sea is a fusion of ancient and contemporary Asian cultures, with rich, deep colours inspired by the crimson sky and red sunsets that can be seen every day from this terrace. Decorated with beautiful artworks and its signature beautiful lanterns designed by Tugu, Ji Terrace by the Sea takes you on a journey to the heart of Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

The food served at Ji Terrace by the Sea is a modern interpretation of these ancient cultures. While the existing Ji at Bale Sutra 1706 celebrates classical Japanese cuisine with fusion from other Asian cultures, it is a little different at Ji Terrace by the Sea.

Here, the team of Japanese & Asian-trained chefs, led by Chef Colin Buchan (previously a chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in London, as well as Jason Atherton’s Pollen in Singapore and personal chef for David Beckham and Victoria Beckham), had fun experimenting with creating dishes that are global, contemporary and playful.

That said, they also focus on the exploration of exotic flavours from Japan as  well as the various Asian cuisines mentioned above. Using only the freshest local produce, the aim is to create an interesting fusion of flavours that are at the same time comforting, homey and heartwarming, as well as all-day dining that is delicious and healthy (allowing for a few sinful desserts and hearty after-surf options).

The cocktails take similar inspiration as the food with Asian infusions of premium spirits. At Ji Terrace by the Sea, the mixes are seductive in flavour as well as presentation. The signature Smokin’ Coco Sexo, inspired by the volcanoes of Indonesia, is simply to die for.

The Tugu signature Gin & Tea, with gin infused with Javanese tea and other herbs, is an irresistible favourite that can only be found at Tugu Hotels & Restaurants.

Ji Terrace by the Sea is designed to be romantic, but with a young and playful twist on the bohemian spirit of Canggu. With a long bar on the second floor facing the sea, the bartenders have one of the best views in the island. On the second and third floors, a DJ plays tunes from sunset to late at night.

Ji Terrace by the Sea celebrates Balinese beach life to the fullest: laughter is best shared with friends and with a magical sea and a limitless red horizons as the backdrop, while watching some of the best surf on the island.

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