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Of all the spirits, people tend to avoid tequila as much as possible due to its reputation as being one of the more dangerous and risky choices. However, this is a misconception as not all tequilas are equal. Once you know the difference, you can find your favourite to enjoy this New Year and make any party a tequila one.

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The most common tequila that you will find in shops, Blanco is used for many of the cocktails that you might order and enjoy in many of bars in Jakarta. The most well-known would be Patron, which can be found in many places around the city, but you can also enjoy brands like Avion or Arette Blanco Suave for some mixing fun.

Reposado Tequila

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The ageing process for reposado can take from 60 days to a year and produces a mellow flavour, which is not normally associated with tequila. This is due to the oak ageing mellowing the reposado without killing the agave, which makes this the perfect choice to enjoy a tequila straight or on the rocks. Also, it can still be used for more upscale cocktail or complex creations. A bottle you can find in many of the top-range stores here is José Antonio de Cuervo Tradicional—or for something a little more pricey, try Herradura or Partida

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This is aged from one to three years in oak barrels, which have usually been used for old bourbon, meaning Añejo can build up some unique and smoky flavours that go amazingly well straight up or with a single ice cube. Most bottles are expensive but are very often worth the price. Good examples can include Chinaco or Casa Noble. Both should be sipped and enjoyed slowly, possibly as an after-dinner addition.

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If you can order and enjoy a bottle of Extra Añejo Tequila, then you are a very lucky person indeed. Aged for more than three years in oak barrels and often using special secret recipes, these are the best of the best. Gran Centenario Leyenda and Cabo Uno are just two of the complex blends that you can choose from, but there many other options to order online.

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