In every country around the world there is some kind of interpretation of what a burger could be. Be it meat, veggies or fish, whichever ingredients make it between the buns are usually delicious and juicy. However, with so many places claiming to have the best burger in the city, where do you even start on your burger hunt? To help out here are eight places that serve some juicy variations of burgers in Jakarta.

Three Buns

There are 10 different burgers on the menu at Three Buns, which is enough for any burger lover. They range in price with the mighty Four Floors burger being the most expensive. This due to the 120g of prime beef used to make it and it is well worth the price.


Although the idea of vegetarian burgers seems strange to many burger enthusiasts, over at Burgreens they have perfected a tasty option that has zero meat. Both juicy and filled with recognisable flavours, this unusual addition to the burger family has to be tried to be believed.


What could possibly make a burger better? Many places add a range of luxury ingredients to make their burger the best but very few things add that secret ingredient as well as bacon. Baconerie is taking everything you love about bacon and adding it to many dishes and treats, and the burger is no different, with the bacon double cheese burger just waiting to be eaten.  

Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is the type of place that sells burger that hurt your jaw when you eat it. They have a menu with lots of variety, with some you may not have tried before. One such addition is the Ocean Catch, Barramundi burger, which, like the other burgers on the menu, is huge. 


Photo Courtesy of @bluegrassjkt

There are a few burgers that need to be tried on the menu at Bluegrass, such as the rare turkey burger. But the standout is the vegetarian burger, which uses red bean and champignon in the patty to give it a very juicy finish.

Lawless Burgerbar

With burgers named The Lemmy and The Sabbath Burger, you get the impression that this is not your typical burger joint. Classic bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica are immortalised between two slice of bread with some very interesting and stomach-bursting results.


Often missed out, lamb can be one of the juiciest additions to the burger family. So when you find yourself in The SAFEHOUSE try the Mediterranean lamb burger, which is served in a homemade bun for some luxury decadence.  

Potato Head

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury with your burger, then Potato Head is the place to go. Relax with a glass of wine or a cocktail while you wait for your Crispy Chicken Burger. Served with homemade herb yogurt this is a perfect choice when you want a break from beef.

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