As we move into the hot season, it’s time to beat the scorching sun and dry weather with the best possible cure: treating ourselves to a scoop or two of ice cream and gelato! Speaking of which, ice cream and gelato are slightly different. Ice cream usually contains more egg yolks and cream, which give it its smooth and creamy light texture.

Meanwhile, gelato is Italian ice cream made with a higher proportion of milk than cream and egg yolks—sometimes, it is even made with no egg yolks at all meaning the texture stays silkier and softer. But whether you prefer ice cream or gelato, here are the 5 best places to enjoy them around The Big Durian.

Grom Gelato

1 Grom IG 2.jpgPhoto: @grom_indo

Hailing all the way from Italy, Grom Gelato fits those who are seeking an authentic Italian gelato with all-natural ingredients. Grom also provides sweet-toothers with dietary restrictions with gluten-free flavours: Cioccolato, Pistachio and Raspberry sorbet. Currently, the franchise gelato parlour has three outlets in Jakarta at Pacific Place Mall, Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall and Plaza Senayan.

Gaya Gelato

2 Gaya IG 1.jpgPhoto: @gayagelato.jakarta

Gaya Gelato is a local gelato based out of Ubud, Bali, that has launched its first big-city flagship store in Jakarta at Pantai Indah Kapuk mall. Boasting a vibrant interior of white and pastel blue colours, Gaya Gelato serves 22 flavours like Bacio, Pavlova and other delicious fruity sorbets. Not only that, Gaya Gelato also stands out for its low calories and nutritionally balanced gelato.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream

3 LIN IG 1.jpgPhoto: @linicecream

LIN, which stands for Liquid Nitrogen, is an ice-cream store that freezes its gelatos and sorbets by mixing them with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius: the base creamy ingredients freeze in two minutes for each ice cream. As to décor, LIN’s store has adopted an open-kitchen concept that allows guests to view the ice-cream-making procedure. For taste, the quirky store offers a unique range. The crowd-pleaser is The Smiley Baileys, which contains alcohol and Cheesy Cheese. Lin Artisan Ice Cream is located at Taman Kemang 1 and can be easily spotted with its “I Scream Ice Cream” slogan on the window.

Ron’s Laboratory

4 Ron's IG 1.jpgPhoto: @ronslaboratory

Experience Ron’s Laboratory gelato experiment at Grand Indonesia or Pondok Indah Mall. Adopting the unique concept of a laboratory that extends to the staff uniforms and which also means a visible interior, a visit to Ron’s should be a different experience in itself. Not only does the store boast flavourful décor, it also servers tantalising gelato flavours: Cookie Monster or the purple gelato with Oreo crumbs on top, Taroreo.

Il Vero Gelateria

5 Il Vero IG 1.jpgPhoto: @ilverogelateria

Indulge yourself with another gelato destination at Il Vero Gelateria. Located in the Permata Hijau area, the store boasts the unique design of a container-like window, which will make your eating experience all the more colourful. Established in August 2015, Il Vero Gelateria offers gelatos and sorbets that are free from preservatives, sticking only with natural and fresh ingredients. For sorbets, try its dragon fruit flavour, while for gelatos opt for Bacio and Salted Caramel. Or you can have each of them of course.

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