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Lebaran celebration is a moment to be enjoyed with the whole family. Although coming together as a family is nothing new, when you combine it with Lebaran celebration, it takes on a much more personal sense and feel. So here are nine restaurants to enjoy a Lebaran gathering with the whole family in Jakarta.

Bandar Djakarta

Very few places have the quality and size to host a whole family as well as Bandar Djakarta. The seafood juggernaut is beloved by many because of its flavours and wide selection. When looking for the best site for the whole family to enjoy food together, remember to visit the Baywalk site for the possibility of private dining rooms, or for a really large family gathering try the Ancol site.

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The main focus at Dua Nyonya Restaurant is to provide the freshest dishes possible. This done by cooking everything on-site with the results an eclectic mix of Indonesian cuisine. The sharing sample platters are perfect for larger groups while you wait for a main meal from the authentic menu.


Satoo presents special dishes from Indonesia, the Middle East, and beyond. A whole host of amazing cuisine with spices to delight the whole family’s palate make this the perfect places for lovers of Southeast Asian cuisine and people new to the gamut of flavours.


With Executive Chef Edi Pancamala and his team preparing a special meal, Spectrum is one of the perfect places for the whole family to dine at. Featuring a lavish spread of mouthwatering specialties from around the world, there is something everyone to enjoy and satisfy their hunger.


Fiesta at the Sari Pan Pacific hotel is celebrating a range of Indonesian cuisines as it highlights different parts of the archipelago, where guests can enjoy everything from Balinese Bebek Betutu to Padangnese Gulai Kepala Ikan. To finish, enjoy some amazingly sweet Bubur Kampiun.

KAUM Jakarta

For something a little special when it comes to Indonesian cuisine, visit KAUM, which is perfect for when the family comes to visit Jakarta and you wish to show them what the city has to offer. The menu is filled with classic and rare dishes from across the archipelago and the seating is comfortable for all ages.

Kila Kila by Akasya

Kila Kila is another outstanding addition to the Indonesian food scene with a menu that truly celebrates the country’s amazing cuisine. Even if you recognise something on the menu, when you try it you will be surprised by the freshness and amount of flavours. The satay section is particularly special, but there are also other delicious treats to be found when perusing the menu.

Mamma Rosy

With the extensive menu and variety of seating options, Mamma Rosy is perfect for large families who wish to get together. The pizzas are perfect for sharing and the homemade pasta can be on your table and ready to be enjoyed before you know it. Book ahead as tables can fill up quickly due to the time of year and popularity in the area.

Talaga Sampireun

Due to the size and variety of table availability, Talaga Sampireun is also perfect for very large families looking for a place for Lebaran gathering. The food is served in large portions, which makes them perfect for sharing, and the extensive space offers enough room for the kids to run and around and have fun.

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