Across the city, you’ll find so many interpretations of the beloved nasi goreng. The versatility is understandable with the addition of spices, meat, or vegetables being just some of the ways to take this Indonesian staple to the next level. To help you in your search for the next nasi adventure, here are nine places to get delicious nasi goreng with some amazing results here in Jakarta.

Madame Delima

Offering buffet meals or a set menu, Madame Delima has everything you could want. The menu has a few standout Nasi Goreng dishes with tasty ingredients. The oxtail addition is significantly delicious, but the must-try dish is the spicy Nasi Goreng Matah Madame Delima. This restaurant speciality is a spicy indulgence and should not be tackled lightly.


With the subtitle of “Indonesian soul food”, you can be guaranteed a happy and full stomach upon leaving Remboelan. Each dish is a rather large helping with lots of flavour. It has a good selection of various nasi goreng recipes. The unusual Remboelan Nasi comes with stingray and is filled with unique tastes that really work. Just be careful if you request the spicy version of any of the nasi goreng options, as you might get more than you bargained for.

Plataran Menteng

A regal setting comes with a luxury menu at Plataran Menteng. Everything that is on offer is of the highest quality and the nasi goreng is no different. Located in the farinaceous section of the menu is the house specialty Nasi Goreng Keling, which comes with delicious black Kalamata olives.

Lara Djonggrang

The menu at Lara Dionggrang spans the whole archipelago with a true love for Indonesian food. However, this also means that the menu is extensive and the large amount of food on offer can be intimidating. With a little perseverance, you will find a tasty nasi goreng option in the Rice Platters from the Archipelago section. With so many amazing options it is hard to choose, but the Nasi Goreng Pesisiran, which is originates from Semarang, is really good and is a well-known specialty from Central Java.


Brought to the city by the well-established Potato Head group, Kaum has already made a name for itself in both Bali and Hong Kong, where it was included in the Michelin star guide. The menu is a refreshing take on a wide variety of classic Indonesian dishes. The Nasi Goreng Mawat Tuna ASAP is one of the Kaum inspirations and uses house-smoked tuna to add stunning depth to a delicious fried-rice dish. 

Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

Along the edible journey of Indonesia, you’ll find a rather luxurious addition in the lunch menu at Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy. Nasi Goreng Ayam Tempoyak is a dish that takes great care and skill to craft, with the process of creating the additional soup taking up to three days. This special delicacy is not found in many places and must be tried when given the chance.


Although at Agneya there are a few nasi goreng selections, the standout performer is the famous Nasi Goreng Ayam. This is due to the time and care that is taken to prepare this staple of Indonesian culture. But if you are in the mood for something more adventurous then you could also try the salted-fish addition of Nasi Goreng Jambal, Sayur Asin.


There are three nasi goreng options on the menu at Tesate. The authentic Nasi Goreng Iga Paniki comes with some rather tasty beef ribs, while the house special is the Nasi Goreng Buntut Bumbu Belacan. Bursting with flavours, the oxtail is succulent and combines well with the house spices that are used when cooking the rice. 

Kila Kila by Akasya

Kila Kila is attempting to treat guests to Indonesian delicacies by taking time to relax and serve you delicious food. The menu really should be explored and enjoyed with so many tasty additions, but the Nasi Goreng Khas Kila Kila is not to be missed. Served with Javanese-style chicken, it is really filling but leaves you wanting more.

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