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One of the most beloved dishes across the archipelago, satay is a versatile mixture of local flavours and your favourite meat and vegetarian ingredients. The final product is a delicious bite-sized delicacy that can be enjoyed with or without accompanying side dishes. Due to the popularity of satay across the city, there is a ludicrous number of places in which to enjoy it, so here are nine of the most highly recommended. 


Just to the left of the rather tasty menu at Agneya you’ll find the small yet well-stocked satay selection. As well as the usual meat varieties of chicken and beef you can also enjoy the amazing lamb interpretations of the classic satay flavours. A particularly delicious standout is the Australian lamb-filled Sate Kambing.

Bunga Rampai

Relax in regal settings and sit down to enjoy some extremely well-made Indonesian food when you visit Bunga Rampai. The satay keeps in line with essence of the other dishes on the menu by using the best ingredients and adding little twists. Although the seafood flavours of the Sate Lilit Jimbaran are amazing, the best has to be the signature Satay Bunga Rampai. Combining all the flavours of the satay menu, it is a must-try dish.


With the amount of customisation available here when choosing your satay, Tesate is the perfect place for those who know what they want. Many of the options offer the choice of meat, skin, vegetarian, or a mixture. An extremely popular choice is the Satay Ayam Madura, which is marinated in house-special flavours and seasonings.

Kila Kila

Keeping in line with the Kila Kila theme of a small selection of well-made dishes that use only the best ingredients, the satay options amount to only two dishes. In the beef section, there are the coconut flavours of the Satay Klopo and the house special Satay Wagyu Kila Kila. As the name suggests, this uses only the best cuts of beef to give you an amazing signature dish that always satisfies. 

Madame Delima

Although there isn’t a specific satay section to be found on the Madame Delima menu, if you scan the other sections you will find a few options scattered all over to enjoy. Each offers traditional satay with both meat and vegetarian options available. A standout option is the Satay Maranggi, which is served with the secret Madam Delima homemade sauce. 


As always, the beloved words that Rembelan has on its door—"Indonesian soul food”—provoke rumbling tummies and licked lips before you’ve even sat down. The satay options are all beneath the Aneka Satay heading on the menu and are both traditional and delicious. To get the best, go straight for the mixed Satay Sambal Matah Uluwatu, which comes with all the varieties and some real spice. 

Lara Djonggrang

With the menu at Lara Djonggrang spanning the whole archipelago of flavours and dishes, you can be guaranteed of some interesting satay choices to enjoy. The menu is extensive, but with a little perseverance you’ll find yourself happily spoiled for choice. You can go for the Satay Boat, which comes with nine different types of satay, or if that’s too much then try the other amazing satay options from all over the country. Be it Sumatra, Bali, or even Manado, you will get some of the best satay in the city here. For something different, try the Satay Gapit Bandeng Kota Gresik—a boneless milkfish delight.


Having already made a name for itself in both Bali and Hong Kong by being included in the Michelin star guide, the Potato Head-owned Kaum is well positioned to produce some amazing food. Spread across the menu is a variety of satay options with each one labelled with the geographic origin of the style and flavour. A good place to start is the Sharing Plates section, with the Satay Buntel Acar Rujak a great choice to share among friends.

Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

The edible journey that Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy takes you on is both delicious and interesting. Located on the dinner menu, you’ll find the interestingly made Lidah Sapi Saos Sate Padang. Originating from West Sumatra, this beef-tongue satay is served with cassava chips and saus sate Padang. Filled with a range of flavours, it is an amazing dish that has to be tried as a part of the à la carte menu.

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