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Be it an attempt at losing weight or simple craving a healthy meal, a salad is often the perfect option. In a bustling city like Jakarta there are a whole range of options to satisfy you. Either perusing a salad bar or having one brought right to you, there is something for everyone. To help you choose, here are eight places to enjoy a refreshing salad in Jakarta.


Offering a wide variety of well-stocked salad options, SATOO is a great place to fill up with multiple visits to the salad bar. A great thing about the options is that they cover a few national cuisines, so you can mix and match your favourite salad options to create your personal perfect salad bowl.


When looking for a place to either drop in or order to your office, SaladStop! has become one of the best options. The pre-made salad choices are easy to choose from, but if they don’t fulfil your needs then you can make your own creations. Either way, you’ll have your salad quickly and efficiently, so you can simply sit back and enjoy it. 

Snctry Health Bar

Specialising in anything that can be deemed healthy, Snctry Health Bar has a range of salad options, which can be delivered straight to your home or office. You can order from selection of salads for individual meals or enjoy it as part of the “5 day lunch box” plan. Whichever options you choose, you can be guaranteed a healthy meal.

Ranch Market

When visiting Ranch Market, the instant sight and smells of the fresh fruit and vegetables are staggering. Whatever you choose to enjoy, you can be guaranteed some of the freshest produce on sale in the city. This produce is used to make a few pre-made delicious salads in many of the branches across the city.

Poke Sushi

Although known for quick sushi, the Poke Sushi menu also has a few Japanese-inspired salad choices. This makes it perfect for anyone who is looking for something different from the usual salad dressings and looking for flavours akin to their favourite fresh seafood.

Nam Thai Kitchen and Bar

If you like a bit of spice or maybe be even a dash of sweetness with your salad, then Thai cuisine is one of the best ways to enjoy it. As Nam Thai Kitchen and Bar is becoming a well-respected restaurant for those people looking for Thai cuisine it makes sense that this should be the first place anyone should be visiting in order to get an expertly made Thai salad.

Burgreens, Pacific Place

As well as a bunch of in-house-made fruit juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls Burgreens is attempting to really push other healthy options. The mixed salad bowls are colourful and delicious and can be enjoyed on-site in Pacific Place Mall or ordered out. For a complete meal that will set you up for a long day working or shopping, this is the perfect place to go.

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