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Working long hours can take its toll, as conducting business can take place at any time of the day. This is even more so in a busy capital city like Jakarta. So when you finish the long day in the office here are eight places in which you can finish up over drinks with work colleagues.

Beer Hall

If you’re looking for a place to chat about a busy day in work then Beer Hall is perfect. The ambience is aimed at giving you the chance to actually talk to someone rather than shout across a table. However, it does have bands playing, which can increase the volume, but that can also be conducive to a great night’s conversation. The menu has a range of beers to sample and the drafts are particularly refreshing.

Kaum Jakarta

Meaning “clan” or “tribe” in Indonesian, Kaum is a relaxing place to get together with colleagues and enjoy some hard-earned time off. Brought to the city by the same group that treated Jakarta to Potato Head, the menu is filled with great talking points and flavour you may not have tried.

H Gourmet and Vibes

Hearty meals and open spaces await you at H Gourmet and Vibes. Filled with large tables, this is a great place for large groups to drink and chat. The décor is a modern take on a local inn, with wood and stone being the prominent materials used. All of this gives you a sense of being at your local hangout, which is perfect after being in the office all day.

Pardon My French

If you’re looking for something casual with a hint of decadence then head over to Pardon My French. While the restaurant offers all the style you’d expect from French cuisine the bar offers relaxed and comfortable seating, which is the perfect place in which to enjoy a glass of wine or two with friends.


After a hard day’s work, very few drinks will relieve you of all that stress than whisky or a good Cognac, both of which can be found at ARTOZ. Located right in the business area of SCBD this is a popular hangout for many of the businesspeople in the city due to its comfortable seating and very well-stocked bar.

Lucy in the Sky

As soon as you enter Lucy in the Sky, you get a sense of leaving the city and work behind. The comfortable seating is arranged so you can have large groups for work-based discussion or smaller groups for something more personal. The menu is filled with great cocktails and the wine list has enough to cover most people’s tastes.

The Safehouse Jakarta

A simple setting that offers just what you need after work. With comfortable seating or smaller four-seater tables, Safehouse is not trying to surprise you, but put you at ease. The bar is well stocked with bartenders who know what they’re doing and who can recommend a range of drinks to match your tastes.


Soft mood lighting and a natural wood finish are what you get when you enter the rather new bar William’s in SCBD. Well-positioned booths offer a large comfortable area to enjoy an evening with colleagues while enjoying a range of tasty nibbles and drinks from the menu.

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