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The hustle and bustle of Jakarta can run anyone down, and sometimes we need something to recharge our batteries. This has led to a range of shakes and drinks being sold by healthy sites, which offer a variety of health benefits. So here eight healthy juice options that will set you right for a long day in Jakarta. 


With one of the largest selections of smoothies and juices, Re.Juve beverages are enjoyed by many people in Jakarta. As well as the normal range and selections, this year Re.Juve has released its “Golden Line”, which has strong anti-inflammatory and natural immunity-bosting effects as well as improving liver function. 

Organic Monster

When you see the labelling of the strangely named offerings at Organic Monster there is a real sense of fun. Bottles of Agent Antioxidant and Red Mustache sound silly while keeping you rejuvenated and healthy. And the more aptly named “Breakfast in a Bottle” gives you everything you need when you are in a rush in the morning.

Nipka Juice

Nipka Juice aims to provide a “soulful blend” of fruits and drinkable plants. All of its healthy combinations have particular jobs or roles in starting your day, keeping you going during those difficult days, or helping you recover from a day that never seems to end.

Juice Licious

As well as a range of fruit juices, almond milk infusions, and tasty lemonades you can get an expertly crafted selection of drinks aimed at a variety of health benefits. Each one is numbered and clearly detailed at to how it will enhance, detox, or give an energy boost, all of which are things you need before or during a busy day.

Jamba Juice

When thinking of healthy drinks in the big city, Jamba Juice is well-known and loved. The range of flavours is fun and refreshing and will have you coming back for more over and over again. While the flavours are not too adventurous, the finished products are delicious.


The atmosphere at Euphoric is symbolic of its name. A sense of happiness and love permeates, with the simply decorated bottles colourfully presented for you to choose from. Each one has a unique job, all aimed at making you feel energised or simply putting a smile on your face. 

Mama Roz

Choose from a range of freshly pressed juices that, it is claimed, are the thickest on the market and have them delivered to your door. Each is really tasty and is everything you get on the label with no frills. Check out the website for some rather interesting cocktail options that will keep you healthy and happy all at the same time.

Naked Press Juicery

The focus at Naked Press is to detox your body through the consumption of eight different fruit and vegetable drinks. Each of the uniquely made drinks aims to reduce body fat, cholesterol, and negative toxins in the body while also maintaining some tasty flavours. The Skinny Dip and Endless Summer are particularly nice.

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