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Independence Day is just around the corner with all Indonesians looking to celebrate it in a range of ways. Due to the amount of amazing food available in the city, one great way to celebrate it is by enjoying some tasty food with friends or family. To help you choose your next dish, here are eight perfect options to celebrate Independence Day and the restaurants that serve them in Jakarta.

Ayam Kodok, Dapur Babah Elite

Independence Day is a time of celebration and being with friends or family. This means that many will be looking for a dishes they can enjoy and share. At Dapur Babah Elite, the Ayam Kodok is a whole chicken stuffed with chicken meat, chicken liver paste, and doperwten: carrot served with huzarensalade and potato gratin. This large serving is great dish to share and enjoy the flavours of Indonesia.

Pindang Udang Palembang, Bunga Rampai

One of the most beloved seafood treats in the country, prawns (udang) are filled with sweetness and an irresistible fresh crunch. At Bunga Rampai, you can enjoy a special dish named Pindang Udang Palembang. A recipe from its very own chef, it is filled with recognisably rich flavours and is delicious spices.  

Kippen Batavia Tangkar, Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Due to its reputation as a venue that combines locally inspired dishes and art, Tugu Kunstkring Paleis is a very popular place to enjoy Independence Day. The Kippen Batavia Tangkar is a perfect way to start any meal as the heat of the soup is filled with a host of familiar flavours, which will help you get ready for a long weekend of celebrating.

Bola-Bola Cokro, Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng is all about taking traditional dishes and flavours and creating sophisticated interpretations of them. Bola-Bola Cokro celebrates everything you love and treasure at the heart of Indonesian home cooking. This makes it a great choice to add to your dining experience this Independence Day.

Sate Buntel, KAUM

If there is one dish that is beloved by all Indonesians it is satay. Served in multiple ways with a range of both meat and vegetarian options, everyone has their favourite version. When looking to enjoy the coming Independence Day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better version and place to enjoy it than KAUM. The Sate Buntel s a succulently prepared version of the classic satay kambing and is very tasty.

Pisang goreng Bunaken, Kila Kila

Many people will look to enjoy cocktails and drinks with friends this Independence Day, with the weekend being so close. If you find yourself in the popular Kila Kila, indulge in the classic Indonesian favourite of Pisang Goreng Bunaken. Light and crispy, this is perfect for sharing—but after a few bites and cocktails you may not want to.

Indonesian Dessert Platter, Nusa Gastronomy

No meal is more perfect than when it’s ended with a great dessert, and as such you will not find anywhere better to celebrate this year’s Independence Day than Nusa Gastronomy. The Indonesian Dessert Platter will have you reaching for your camera and then have diving in to enjoy a classic reinterpretation of many of your favourite local desserts.

Treasure of Coastal Java, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

When you really can’t think of one dish you’d like to enjoy, there is one really special menu you can peruse with friends or family this year. The Treasure of Coastal Java menu at The Dharmawangsa is filled with stunning dishes that have been especially put together to form a journey around all the flavours that Indonesia offers, all of which has been put together by Executive Chef Felix Budisetiawan.

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