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With so much going on this fasting year, things can be a little busy and the list of dishes and meals to prepare gets longer and longer. However, in the modern age of ordering online, there are options that can make the end-of-fast meal easier. Here are seven restaurants you can order from for sahur in Jakarta that can make the whole situation a breeze.

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Loved by many of the locals in Menteng, Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih is always full of customers looking to enjoy the house special fried rice. With online ordering becoming so easy to use, you can now get the delicious Nasi Goreng Kambing delivered direct to your home, so you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy some of the best nasi in the centre of the city.

Dim Sum Inc

For those people looking to enjoy something a little different for sahur, there is the option of ordering some delicious dim sum. At Dim Sum Inc, there is a large selection of dim sum that is becoming increasingly popular. Perfect to be eaten warm or cold, many of them can be ordered well before the fast-breaking hour to be enjoyed by everyone.

Warung Pedas

With a name like Warung Pedas, you might be forgiven for thinking that every dish is spicy and filled with chilies, but don’t worry—they aren’t. Located in South Jakarta, this is a traditional Indonesian cuisine fan’s paradise. With recognisable dishes, 24-hour service, and hearty portions you can always get what you need.


Rumah Makan Pagi Sore

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Padang-style restaurants are extremely popular for sharing sahur with family and friends due to the large portions and selections being perfect for sharing. At Rumah Makan Pagi Sore, you can place your order at any time during the afternoon as it opens before sahur in order to prepare the food. Enjoy traditional Padang delights like ayam pop and gulai.

Aceh Mie Pandrah

If you’re looking for something a little different from the normal nasi-filled dishes, then Aceh Mie Pandrah might well be for you. With a variety of noodle dishes, the menu really provides a selection that will satisfy all mie fans. Make sure to order dishes like Chicken Tumis Mie with its chewy noodle texture and a broth that is mixed with delicious herbs and spices, as well as other tasty noodle options.

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Although much like the other Padang restaurants with its range of recognisable dishes, Surya is really known for its sides. These include fried chicken, rendang, brain, fillets, goat chili, and fried dried lung, meaning you can choose from a great range to share and spread around the whole family.

Duck BKB

A particular tasty delight to enjoy during sahur is duck, but with so few places specialising in the dish, it might be hard to find some succulent options during your online hunt. Yet Duck BKB has a range of amazingly mouthwatering options for you to order to your home. Dishes like Kahiang Duck, with its spicy flavours, can be ordered and enjoyed 24 hours a day.

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