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Photo Courtesy of Nam Thai Kitchen and Bar

With the number of things to do and see and the cooling effects of air conditioning, malls can be the perfect place to escape the Jakarta heat while waiting to break your fast. This also leads to the need to find good food in these shopping behemoths. To make it easier and to get you sitting down as soon as you need to, here are seven mall restaurants in which you can break your fast in Jakarta.

Bornga Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ lends itself very well to the notion of breaking a fast due to the quickness of preparation and the amount of sides that are placed on your table before you have even begun to cook the meat. At Bornga, you can really dive in and eat as much as you need to in a very short time. The newest site has opened in NEO SOHO and is perfectly placed for office workers and shoppers alike.

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Photo Courtesy of Nam Thai Kitchen and Bar

Very few places offer such amazing quality as Nam Thai when it comes to Thai cuisine. The menu is filled with authentic offerings that can be prepared quickly due to the freshness of the ingredients. The portions are great for sharing multiple dishes and the seating is very comfortable in all the sites across the city.

Café Milano

Located in Grand Indonesia’s East Mall, Café Milano offers very comfortable dining, which can be all-important when looking to relax after a long day. The menu is filled with rich Italian flavours while the décor and service are all about comfort. The seating area is not too big, making this the perfect place for smaller parties looking to break their fast.


When looking for a dining experience to break your fast in Grand Indonesia, Olivier offers something with a little luxury and finesse. The menu is filled with rich flavours and dishes that will make your mouth water, and so this is a perfect place for a special evening meal or a smaller indulgence after a long day of fasting. 

Mother Monster

Not everyone is part of large group or looking to dine with the whole family. If you’re by yourself or with someone special, then Mother Monster is perfect for breaking your fast. The décor makes you feel like you are at home in your living room and will put you at ease as you wait for your order. The whole experience is perfect for a more intimate tasting experience.

Crystal Jade

A favourite for many people across the city when looking for Chinese food, Crystal Jade can be found in many of the top malls in the city. The menu is as extensive as the size of many of the outlets, with large tables making them perfect for groups of people looking to get great food quickly with satisfying results.


Indulge in comfortable seating and a refreshing outdoor set-up that is perfect for an end-of-day or end-of-week fasting experience. Try some of the tasty cheese platters or dive into something larger, with each of the main courses offering rich flavours and luxury ingredients. If you have room after your main meal, the desserts are an indulgence that are very hard to pass up.

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