Very few cocktails can inspire fun during a night out than a good Margarita. The tequila-based cocktail is normally served straight up in a specially rimmed glass, but it has become increasingly popular to enjoy a frozen one now and again. With a variety of flavours and styles out there, you are spoiled for choice when looking to enjoy a Margarita or two with friends. To get you started, here are seven places to enjoy exciting Margaritas in Jakarta.

Hacienda Mexican Bar & Grill

Housed in the Arcadia building behind Plaza Senayan, Hacienda is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the city. The menu is filled with hearty servings of amazing food, so it comes as no surprise that you enjoy some great Margaritas here, too. The frozen strawberry and mango version are particularly tasty. Also, to make it even more exciting, on a Saturday you can enjoy two-for-one on all Margaritas.


Combining stunning views and amazing food means SKYE has become one of the best places to enjoy a special evening out. The cocktail menu is filled with all of the classics you know and love, as well as in-house creations. The Dragon Fruit Margarita is a refreshing variation on the tequila classic and is filled with flavours and colour.

Casa Mexico

Offering a smaller, more intimate restaurant experience means that Casa Mexico is perfect for small gatherings and parties. The menu has all the delicious offerings you’d expect and the bar sells a range of flavoured Margaritas as well as the especially smooth 1800 Margarita and the fun Corona Rita.


As well as some amazing single malts to enjoy, Loewy also offers some of the best cocktail creations in the city. Its variation of the classic Margarita is a truly inspired and unusual creation named the Guacamole Margarita. Don’t worry: you won’t be eating it, as it is a combination of all the classical flavours along with both fresh avocado and Bloody Mary mix. This makes it a great drink to settle your stomach or to sort out a hangover.


The Khung menu is filled with interesting interpretations of classic cocktails. Each takes the recognisable ingredients and flavours of the original and then twists them into interesting results. The house special, Khung’s Passion, has a tequila and Cointreau base, but then adds goalpara and peach tea. The result is a familiar yet unique cocktail that you have to try.


If you are looking for something a little spicy with your Margarita, then the offerings at LEÓN will be just right for you. The aptly named Mexican Wasabi is a mixture of tequila, wasabi, cucumber juice, lime, and rose syrup. The refreshing cocktail is filled with refreshing flavours while finishing with a spicy kick. 


Although more well known for its teppanyaki and Japanese whisky, Fujin still has a Margarita creation up its sleeve. The Chilirita combines the flavours of the original with the lightness of the famous Whisky Sour. The inclusion of egg whites and chili powder gives the drink a more savoury flavour, which makes it a great cocktail to enjoy after a meal.

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