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All over the world, pizza is a favourite of all ages. The versatility granted by the wide range of creative toppings has made it an easy dish to personalise and enjoy. Here in Jakarta, there are many places that offer pizza in different forms and styles with personal twists but traditional respect. To help you choose your next slice, here are seven places to get some tasty pizza in Jakarta.


While there are some classic pizzas on the menu here, there is also the selection of three “Gourmet pizzas”. Each one has an indulgent ingredient that sets them it from a normal pizza choice. Be it lobster or even foie gras, you can feel a little bit of decadence with each slice.

Mamma Rosy

A relaxed atmosphere and great food are commonplace when visiting Mamma Rosy. So when it comes to looking for a good pizza in the big city, many people head straight here. With 16 variations and an additional two Calzones choices there really is something for everyone. All of the pizzas are fresh and delicious. Popular favourites are the spicy Golosa or cheese lovers’ heavenly slices, the Formaggi. 

Pizza Place

A relatively new addition to Jakarta’s pizza scene, Pizza Place offers traditional New York-styled pizzas. A small venue that will only fit about seven people inside if you wish to sit, this is pizza lover’s dream. The aromas when you are waiting for your order will make the wait seem a little bit longer than you can stand.  With each order being more than enough to fill anyone up and every slice being delicious it is very hard to choose a favourite from the menu.

Caffe Milano

The pizza options at Caffe Milano are filled with recognisable choices and flavours. Each one is a classic pizza that has been taken to the next level by amazing ingredients and preparation. The Bolognese is topped with slightly spiced Italian sausage, while the Di Pollo has some additional slices of zucchini to take it to the next level of flavour and taste. 

Patio Venue & Dining

Well known for its relaxed setting and natural décor, Patio Venue & Dining also has a great selection of pizzas. Along with some traditional offerings, there are also some unique but tasty variations. The Rendang Pizza is a meat lover’s paradise with the beef rendang going perfectly with the mozzarella cheese.

Akira Back

Although Akira Back is not known for its Italian options on the menu, it is known for high standards and exceptional quality. Therefore, when you choose the Tuna Pizza from the “Share the Ocean” section of the menu, you are guaranteed an amazing dining experience with all the expertise you would normally get at Akira Back.  

Ristorante da Valentino

Traditional Italian food in a traditional Italian atmosphere is what awaits you at Ristorante da Valentino. The pizza menu is extensive with each one being as indulgent as you’d expect from an Italian restaurant. Particularly tasty options are the Frutti di Mare for seafood lovers and the Alberto for those people looking for something with a bit of spice.

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