Commonly known as Japanese rice wine, sake is often passed over for more traditional wines and other beverages. But when paired with the right dish or mixed into a unique cocktail, it can be an amazing accompaniment to any dish. To celebrate this classic Asian wine, here are seven places in which you can purchase and enjoy some excellent sake in Jakarta.

Senju Omakase & Sake

Located in Plaza Indonesia, this is a popular destination for people looking to escape the busy hustle and bustle of one of Jakarta’s biggest malls. Due to it being an omakase restaurant, you can go in with little to no knowledge of sake and be guided by an expert chef who will leave you wanting more.


When you have a sake Mojito on the menu, you know that you are in for something special. Fukuro in SCBD takes the cocktails we love to enjoy and morphs them using a range of different ingredients, including sake. For something a little sweet, indulge in the honey-based drink Fukuro Yopparai.


With the largest collection of sake in the city served at the prestigious Sake + bar and restaurant, this is an obvious choice in which sake lovers can indulge their needs. The collection is extensive and the bartenders will give you expert advice while serving perfectly prepared sake.


Due to it being known for a proud selection of Japanese whiskies, Fujin is often  overlooked by sake lovers. Yet the unusual variation of the Spanish classic sangria, Aka Sangria, which comes with both sake and red wine, is great mix and the perfect way to start your night out with friends.


It is well known that Vin+ is the go-to place for a range of wines from across the world, but if you take the time to look a bit further down the menu you’ll also see some very well-stocked sake. With the same level of care and consideration taken with the sake collection as with all of the other amazing vintages, you know you’re in expert hands.


Although the collection of sakes is very good at Henshin, it is the way they are used in some of the cocktails that truly makes this a place a must for sake lovers. The menu embraces the origins of sake by naming each drink from an array of Japanese names. One such is the beautiful Geisha, which combines sake with blueberry and lavender.


Being a great place to enjoy Japanese food means that sake has to be somewhere on the menu, and at Oku you won’t be disappointed. Its cocktail menu expertly embraces the different flavours of sake while surprising the drinker. For rum lovers, try the Kiss of Hana Fuga, and for something a little bit friendlier, try the Ninja Theory.

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