On a sweltering Jakarta day, very few things counter the heat as well as delicious gelato and ice cream. Because of this, there are many places that offer very interesting and familiar flavours for you to dive into during hot Jakarta days. Having mentioned before five places to enjoy ice cream and gelato in Jakarta last year, here are seven more brain-freezing places to get stuck into some interesting and tasty gelato and ice cream in Jakarta.

aRoma Gelato

aRoma offers a slightly different serving process than other gelato stores as it churns it right in front of you. No perseveratives or added ingredients are used in the range of tasty flavours, which include all the classics like strawberry, chocolate, and Madagascar vanilla.

Gelato Secrets

Founded in 2009 in Bali, Gelato Secrets finds the best fruits vegetable and spices to bring Jakarta some of the most amazing gelato in the city. West and East combine to form creations like brown rice charcoal or caramelised tempeh, while other recognisable flavours are also present with tasty natural twists.


Located in Kemang, this small dessert gem has a collection of locally inspired icy treats. As well as cakes and cookies, you pick up some interesting Indonesian-flavoured gelato such as klepon and martabak manis. As well as locally inspired gelato flavours you can taste some rather unusual rendang onde-onde

Latteria Gelato

Fun, flavour, and texture are all on show at Latteria Gelato. The crazy flavours include Jager bomb, which can be combined with biscuits and even nachos. Finally, you can have it in a cone, a cup or try it on an Eastern European cake made in the store.

Ziato Gelato

Adding a touch of class to its gelato flavours, Ziato Gelato has become very popular in the Kemang area. Ubi Cilembu, Earl Grey, and Sour Cherry are just some of the new flavours that have been added to an already-large selection of recognisable treats.

Hello Sunday

Located on second floor of the Metropole building in Menteng, which is the oldest theatre in the city, Hello Sunday is a cosy spacious café that specialises in coffee and ice cream—a winning combination. As well as recognisable flavours, you can enjoy some interesting Indonesian creations with Es Teler, Gula Melaka and Java Tea being just some of the café’s creations. 

Alphabeth Gelato

Alphabeth Gelato is all about fun. Choose your gelato flavour and then begin decorating it. Found just across from Le Maison Barito, the simple décor finished with pure white and light blues often attracts a young crowd enjoying colourful gelato creations.

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