When looking for a chicken-based dish in Jakarta many would be led to believe that if it is not fried or on a stick they might be left disappointed. But that is not the case in this city—with so many restaurants of such a high standard, getting your poultry fix is easy. So here are seven Chicken dishes you may have missed in Jakarta that you have try.  

Sofia at The Gunawarman

Being located in one of the most popular places for restaurants in the city means some steep competition. However, Sofia at The Gunawarman handles it well with an amazing menu and stunning surroundings. If you find yourself enjoying lunch at Sofia then don’t miss out on the Asian Classic Hainan Chicken Rice in Chilli and Lime Relish.  


This well-loved member of the Jakarta skyline, SKYE is a guaranteed place for fantastic food and drinks. When dining at this beautiful restaurant, take a moment to look away from the view and try the tasty Spicy Grilled Chicken which has Sriracha chili caramelisation and is served with a fried eggplant salad with crispy shallots and Thai basil. 

Tugu Kuntskring Paleis

As you walk in, you might be too occupied by the unique surroundings to even peruse the menu, but if you take a seat and have the time, the well-laid-out suggestions have some very delicious delights. One such poultry entry is Duivelse Kip, or Ayam Setan. This specially named dish has some very hot flavours that should not be taken for granted. If you can make it past the heat, this is an amazingly flavoursome dish that doesn’t disappoint.  


Due to being one of the best examples of Turkish cuisine in the city, Turkuaz has some of the most expertly cooked meat dishes you can enjoy. The truly unique cooking style is celebrated in many ways will a variety of ingredients. One of the best chicken based selections to enjoy is the Izgara Tavuk Kanadi, marinated chicken wings served with a Turkish rice known as Icli Pilav.

Basque Bar de Tapas

Well known for its sense of class and high standards, it comes as no surprise you can enjoy some perfectly cooked chicken at Basque. When looking over the menu you’ll see a few salads with added chicken, but head to the grilled section and enjoy the Pollo A La Brasa: charcoal-grilled chicken in a delicious Mozzarella sauce.


Very few cuisines scream self-indulgence than French and even though LEÓN celebrates French cuisine in many different ways, its 24-hour roasted chicken with a Thai dipping sauce is amazing. Taking the care and time that French cuisine does so well and combining is with Asian flavours brings you the best of both worlds.


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When looking for deliciously tasting food that is going to fill you up but leaving you wanting more, Mexican is a good place to start. So check out Hacienda with its large portions of tasty food. Although the fajitas are very good, it is the burritos that truly stand out with two of them having the addition of chicken to take them to the next level.

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