Sustainable diets are more than just trends. They’re a strict commitment that you keep for the rest of your life, with powerful benefits that you get with consistent patterns. If you’re considering a healthier lifestyle or simply wanting to take a further step into a more sustainable personal environment, then a dietary change would be the perfect first step. Whether you just want to cut out meat and be vegetarian or go all-out and be vegan, starting out a drastic change will be a challenge. Take a look at these seven women to spice up and inspire your dietary changes!

Sophia Latjuba

As an environmentalist and a supporter of animal rights, actress Sophia Latjuba has admitted that she had wanted to become a vegan for a very long time, and with more encouragement from her daughter, Eva Celia, she has become one of a handful of Indonesian celebrities who committed to veganism. Although it may look tricky, she had admitted that it wasn’t very hard for her to go cruelty-free, especially with the rich options in Indonesian cuisine. Not only that, she has admitted that being vegan brought her so many benefits, such as balanced hormones, better digestion, and skin health improvements.

Eva Celia

Like mother like daughter. With a significant role model like Sophia Latjuba, it’s no wonder that her daughter, Eva Celia, would be vegan as well. The young singer-songwriter decided to turn vegan in late 2017 with the reason of sustainability. Although she used to be a big fan of meat, Eva admitted that after turning vegan, her only regret was not having started it sooner. Now that she’s vegan, she has been very vocal about her opinion and sustainability and the obstacles that come with her bold decision. With her intention to go on with this commitment, she has gone as far as selling all hers and Sophia’s leather bags.

Nadya Hutagalung

As one of Asia’s  most prestigious eco warriors, Singapore’s ambassador of WWF, a UN Environment Goodwill ambassador, a Great Apes Survival Partnership Ambassador, and the co-founder of the ivory reduction campaign “Let Elephants Be Elephants”, Nadya Hutagalung has been a committed vegetarian since 2008. The reason was to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible and to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle to others. Aside from being a renowned environmentalist, she’s also teaching her children to follow the same path and the positive changes that it made.

Whulandary Herman

Whulandary Herman, Miss Indonesia 2013, had a tragic reason to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. After a family member died at the age of 21 from breast cancer, Whulandary had decided to make a drastic change to her lifestyle by becoming a vegetarian. Although, it was hard for her to start, she admitted that after a week, her body learned to adapt itself and the temptation to break the pattern ceased as the time went by.

Tara Basro

For actress Tara Basro, being vegan has not always been easy. After turning vegan for health improvements, it was commonplace for her to get ridiculed for her bold choice. At one point, a “friend” even put meat right in front of her face. It took some time for her to adapt to the lifestyle, but the benefits were very apparent and after a year of adjustment, she no longer craves meat. Her dietary changes have influenced those close to her to take interest in veganism.

Cath Halim

As a busy fashion influencer, it is important for Cath Halim to stay in shape and be sustainable, and for that reason she chose to become a vegetarian. Active on social media, Cath often shares her vegan-friendly recipes from time to time, and even shows off her daily tasty meals on her Instagram feed. She went all-out and documented her two-week “meatless challenge” on her story for all to see.

Dewi Sandra

As a renowned actress and singer, Dewi Sandra, turned vegan in 2008, and many questioned the drastic changes that she saw, including her skin and her body curves. She admitted that because she wasn’t the type of person who would spend hours in the salon or in front of a mirror, she decided on the more straightforward and sustainable alternative of being vegetarian. It was a wise decision for her because of how little she has to use cosmetics to maintain her skin health due its sensitivity. Now that it’s 10 years in, Dewi Sandra remains to be as flawless as she started this diet.


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