The cuisine of Indonesia is renowned for its seafood, spices and the occasional usage of rice (I am joking!). So with such deliciously made dishes, it is no surprise that Indonesian cuisine is being celebrated around the world with amazing restaurants and food. Here are seven restaurants celebrating Indonesian cuisine around the world.

Djakarta Bali, Parisjakarta bali.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Djakarta Bali

Combining the chic of Paris and the ambience of Bali, Djakarta Bali offers a range of culinary specialties from this islands of Java, Sumatra and Bali. Located in the district of Les Halles the restaurant offers classic dishes while using locally produced ingredients. Also it is very close to the the Louvre, which means you have somewhere to visit after your meal.

Restaurant Blauw Amsterdam, Holland

With walls adorned with large black-and-white photos of traditional Javanese historical scenes, you know that Blauw wears its heart on its sleeve. Due there being two branches in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the popularity of Blauw has become well documented around the world. Fish, vegetarian or meat, an extensive rice table, or authentic dishes from one of the many islands are all available in both branches.

Bali-Bali, Londonlondon.jpg

Photo Courtesy of @balibalilondon

While enjoying the sites of London, you might wish to head indoors for some Indonesian food to warm you up. You might find yourself in the Bali-Bali restaurant. Located in the heart of the theatre distract, Bali-Bali offers dishes ranging from fiery hot to the coolly mild, and accommodates a range of food requests. Over the past few years, this restaurant has gained a very positive reputation as a place offering great food and a relaxing place in which to enjoy it.  

Nusantara Restaurant, Berlinberlin.jpg

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When you translate Nusantara, you are left with “archipelago”, a word that signifies multiple islands and cultures. These qualities are at the cornerstone of this German restaurant with the celebration of many of the island cuisines on offer. If you find yourself on the streets of Berlin craving some home-cooked Indonesian food, this is the place to be. 

 Simpang Asia, Los Angeles

Large helpings and good food are waiting for you when visit Simpang Asia in Los Angeles. Focusing on providing choice and variety is the main focus here with a street market vibe next to the comfortable restaurant. Overall, this is great place to check out if you are looking for somewhere with plenty of choice and quick service.

 Ayam Goreng 99, Australiaaustralia.jpg

Having opened its doors way back in 1998, Ayam Goreng 99 has established itself as one of the best places to enjoy Indonesian cuisine in Sydney. Although they offer a good range of Indonesian dishes, they specialise in the cooking of chicken (ayam, naturally) with the grilled and fried chicken being especially popular.

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