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Maybe you can’t decide which kind of cuisine you want to have or maybe you want to try something different. Either way, you should be able to find what you are looking for at a fusion restaurant. The idea of bringing different styles or ingredients into two or more cuisines has spawned some amazingly delicious combinations. To help you with your next fusion choice here are seven restaurants having creative fun with fusion themed menus.


Located in Senopati, Gioi is a recent addition to Jakarta’s culinary scene and is a fusion of different Asian delights. Offering a well-stocked menu that contains dishes with Balinese, Vietnamese and Thai elements to name but a few, it also offers generous portions. All this should be enough to satisfy anyone’s cravings, and after finishing your meal you can head upstairs for a relaxing cocktail or a glass of wine.  


Photo Courtecy of: Mamammie

East meets West in a fun use of ingredients everyone is going to be familiar with. Those fancying a burger or a pizza with a hint of Indonesia can enjoy the signature noodle based variation at Mamammie. The name itself is mix of the Italian expression of shock and the Indonesian for noodle, “mei”. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else offering this much tasty fun with fusion and food.

 Akira Back

We’ve already mentioned the amazing omakase options at Akira Back and it’s no surprise that a restaurant of such high standards would also offer a fusion of styles and flavours. Offering up Korean- and Japanese-inspired cuisine, which is brought about by the Korean heritage of Akira Back himself, there are some amazing dishes here that highlight both national cuisines. 


Correlate is all about having a mutual relationship or connection in which one thing affects or depends on another. This is achieved by combining French- and Japanese-styled cuisines while focusing on the changing seasons for fresh ingredients and inspiration. This all culminates into some amazing examples of fusion and beauty on the plate.  


Sushi takes many forms across the city, but when you fuse it with Padang flavours you know you are in for something special. Located in Grand Indonesia and Setiabudi One, Suntiang offers amazing flavours and beautiful dishes with freshness and a hint of spice. It also offers an outside catering service, which helps for some interesting dinner conversation if you fancy hosting a party or two.  

 Halo Niko!

If you are looking to relax in a cosy and fun environment when dinning out for lunch or dinner then try Halo Niko. Offering a fusion of Mediterranean- and Javanese-inspired dishes. it is a great place to meet friends and try some imaginative flavours that your taste buds might not be accustomed to

 Ático by Javanegra

A fusion of everything you love about local coffee and Spanish food. The aromas alone are reason enough to visit Ático by Javanegra. Headed up by Head Chef Andrea Peresthu, whose passion can be seen in every dish, this is a great example of a culinary fusion for the senses.


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