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Photo Courtesy of Agenda Resto & Vibes

Art can come in many forms with so many visual examples across the country. Yogyakarta is one of the most-popular cites to visit in Java due to its abundance of culture and art. Many of the restaurants and cafés in the city embrace many forms of art into their menus and décor. To make sure you get to enjoy the most out of your artsy experience the next time you’re in the city, make sure you visit these seven eateries with photogenic and artsy décor. 

Agenda Resto & Vibes

Combining a rooftop style and modern décor means that this is a popular place for many locals and travellers to visit. The wooden finish gives a natural feel to the open space and makes it feel very relaxing. The menu is filled with light snacks and larger dishes, which are all good for sharing with one of the bottles of wine on the substantial list. It also has live music on certain days, which only adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

The House of Raminten

Embracing local art, cuisine, and culture means The House of Raminten is perfect for those people looking to experience the beauty of Yogyakarta in all its aspects. The menu is filled with interesting things to try, which can be described to you in loving detail by the experienced staff. The décor is filled with photo opportunities to complete your collection of holiday snaps.


Photo Courtesy of RM Jejamuran

Although the décor is not so artsy in style, the real art of Jejamuran is in the menu. All of the dishes embrace the many textures, tasty, and cooking styles of mushrooms. This means that the menu is very vegetarian-friendly and a must for anyone looking for delicious vegetarian food when visiting Yogyakarta.


A very popular place for travellers and locals celebrating their wedding, Abhayagiri’s artsy aspect is in its view. Being high up above the city means you can witness a horizon that seems to go on forever. The menu is filled with local and Western dishes, and if you are visiting during the later hours or during the peak sunset times, you will probably need to book ahead in order to get the perfect table.

Rosella Easy Dining

Long draping sheets of bright colours and the natural green rice fields of the surrounding areas makes Rosella Easy Dining a must-try for any visitor to Yogyakarta. The food is filled with local flavours, and the hotel on site means you can dine and then choose to simply stay and relax.


With the aim of blending the cultures of Java and Bali, Sasanti has many aspects from both cultures present in its décor. Be it the Balinese-style pool just outside or the Javanese ornaments inside, you can see a perfect mixture of two of the most famous art styles on the archipelago. 

Roaster and Bear

As well as enjoying some delicious cakes and brunch-style dishes, you can be surrounded by bears! A whole host of teddy bears are used for the décor of Roaster and Bear. Great for a photo opportunity for the whole family—and the best thing is that afterward, you enjoy some really amazing cakes.

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