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No matter where you are, everyone likes to give in to their sweet tooth. Indonesia is a country that embraces sweetness with colour and unique flavours. Over in Bali, they celebrate their own style while incorporating international flavours and styles. Here are seven delicious bakeries to indulge your sweet tooth in Bali.

Biku Bali

Doing away with luxury décor and fancy highlights, Biku is a small restaurant with big flavours. It’s often very busy, which means you should book ahead, while the selection of food is a mix of Asian and Western flavours. Each day, it serves a selection of homemade cakes that are as mouthwatering to look at as they are to eat. 

Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie

As well as enjoying some of the most artistically presented cakes on the island, you can indulge in a wide range of tea when visiting Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie. Some of the cakes have to be seen to be believed, with the reflective glazing a standout achievement. Dine in or even order online to enjoy beautiful artistic creations at home.  

Gardin Bistro & Patisserie

Expert staff and photogenic surroundings await you when dining at Gardin Bistro and Patisserie. The menu is filled with dishes that, when eaten in the stunning setting, make it a perfect place to have a candlelit meal. The dessert section is just as special, with the Midnight Fudge and Brownie Cold Cheesecake being particularly good choices to share with someone special.

Ixora Cakes

Ixora Cakes specialises in creating one-of-a-kind bakery masterpieces. Weddings, birthdays, or any other cake-filled celebration can be crafted and enjoyed. The artisanal skill is breathtaking, and the finished cake will have you taking hundreds of photos before you have even taken one bite.


Also known as the Dessert Lab by Chef Will Goldfarb, Room4dessert takes dessert creation to the next level. Each plate is a work of art that is crafted in such a way that you can never tell what you are eating until you take a bite. Every element on the plate is a dessert masterclass in both technique and texture, and has to be seen to be believed.

Poule de Luxe

Although it does cater for outside events like weddings, Poule de Luxe also has an actual site for you to enjoy French-inspired dessert creations. Many say that Poule de Luxe has the best desserts on the island, and it is hard to argue with its cream puffs being a particularly delectable indulgence.

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When looking for your quick sweet fix, Bali Bakery is the perfect choice. Found in many of the popular areas across the island, you can enjoy local desserts and more recognisable creations from around the world. It has a good selection and a few nicely packaged items to take home as gifts.

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