When you don’t have time for a business lunch, a stylish café is the best option. Comfortable seating and a calm ambience can be keys to a perfect business meeting when trying to close an important deal. So to help you get started here are seven cafés that are perfect for your next big business meeting in Jakarta. 

Trafique Coffee

Located in the busy district of Senayan is Trafique Coffee. With only small snacks on the menu it’s not the best place to come for food, but the coffee and ambience are perfect. It also has free parking, high-speed WiFi, and free headphone in case you need them for a business call.

Blumchen Coffee

Due to its SCBD location, this coffee hotspot has access to Senopati, Kemang, Tendean, Gatot Subroto, and many other areas, all of which can be vital when it comes to business meetings. Great food and an eclectic crowd are just some of the reasons to check Blumchen out, and due to the 7am opening you can start your meeting very early.


Due to a high glass ceiling, Eatology always feels cool and bright. The food portions are very large and tasty while the chairs can be a little bit small. Being located on Jl. Agus Salim is also perfect for those looking for a break from the surrounding offices and business area.

Anomali Coffee

With four establishments across the city, Anomali is well known as a great place to get coffee, but with the newest site opening in Menteng, it has created a business hotspot. The coffee is some of the best of the reginal produce on offer in Indonesia and the open-spaced seating means you don’t feel like anyone else is listening to your business conversation.

Arts Café by Raffles

Being located in the famous Raffles hotel comes with all manner of positive guarantees, but Arts Café by Raffles stands all on its own as one of the best cafés in town. Comfortable seating and an extensive menu are all brought together in some truly beautiful and inspiring surroundings.  


Along with great food and good coffee, Ecology offers something a bit different from its surrounding competitors. Established almost nine years ago, the ambience combines nature and art to form a union that is meant to inspire creativity, which is a key factor when trying to conduct an effective business meeting.


Although not known for comfortable seating, Dia Lo Gue offers great coffee and food in a place that prides itself on creating the perfect surroundings for communication. Quiet ambience and open space make this Kemang-based café perfect for business. 

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