Vegan-friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular across the city with many interesting offerings opening up all the time. One focus seems to be the introduction of vegan-friendly bakeries, which is strange due to a lack of most of the major animal-sourced ingredients you’d normally find in many popular desserts. However, don’t worry as these six vegan-friendly bakeries have some interesting surprises for you to enjoy.

Beyond Treats: allergen-free bakeshop

The focus at Beyond Treats is to serve gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan and diabetic-friendly desserts, and the results are surprising. You will find brownies, breads, and many more recognisable creations that are even perfect for people just looking to try something new.

Rumah Juliet

Rumah Juliet offers 100 per cent vegan-baked goods and has a menu filled with sweet treats. But the real star is the amount of art and craft that go into the creations with some of the flower decorations being perfect for those looking for a vegan wedding or birthday cake.

Minilovebites Cupcakes and Bakes

Although the name says “mini”, that is not the case with some of the amazing vegan offerings at Minilovebites Cupcakes and Bakes. The menu is filled with favourites, but also adds new cakes all the time. The latest addition is the vegan Hummingbird Cake complete with nutty goodness.

Sweet Gems

One of the best cakes to enjoy whether you’re a vegan or not is a delicious chocolate cake. At Sweet Gems, you can enjoy their mini-vegan chocolate cake with vegan chocolate ganache. The best thing is it’s 100 per cent plant-based, egg-free, and dairy-free so you can indulge in all your vegan chocolate fantasies.

Elevate Bakery

With a slogan that says “say hello to a healthier you”, Elevate Bakery attempts to give you tasty options that also don’t have you worried about the calories. Its guilt-free cakes and breads are filled with rustic flavours and rich colours that are a refreshing change from the bright colours and over-the-top decoration found at the other bakeries.

Dej Cafe

The focus here is on bringing a new approach to vegetarianism. The clean-cut style and small dishes at Dej Café are filled with colour and flavour, and its delicious range of vegan, egg-free, and gluten-free bakes are great for enjoying by yourself or as part of a box for sharing with friends.

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